These areas of the brain are just scratching the surface to wield to your heart's content.


Neural plasticity lets us reorganize both brain and body.


You can take charge of brain programs to the muscles...


with mindful playing with the lines of communication...




and re-generate both brain and body.  Kinda cool.


In fact, conscious movement can begin to unfold a process of positive changes


Heck, 1 conscious movement can Free the Upper & Lower Body.

How? By targeting specific fascial & neuro-muscular connections.
This could be the difference in feeling good day to day.
And the connections you can feel or sense can awaken the brain- mind to greater potential.
When you delve deep into your movement software.  Y our body can slide, glide and more happily motor along .

Somatic Tip: When you wake up, does your body want to stretch? 

If so, then reverse engineer that. 

Feel what you did. Then make that a conscious movement.
Feel  -- what is doing what and where is it coming from.

If your body isn't stretching in the morning.
(OK I hope you know by now that it is actually a pandiculation). 
Mindful pandiculations will reset both brain and body.


Love for you to enjoy 1 somatic movement.


Broken down to its parts for the upper and lower body to wake-up the back, hips, shoulders, ribs and trunk.


This way you can twist about like you used to.


We'll try our best to help confuse the brain and body.  While that may sound counterintuitive. This is how it grows.


You learn how to feel the connections.  So you can be more comfortable and in control for the long run.


Normally this class sells at its regular price of $34.99, but you can save 20%.


Yes, 20% off right now since it is Mother's Day weekend.


Plus, if you want a brain and easy body challenge to re-energize and re-enliven your self.  


This one movement pattern can take you down the path of your happy proprioceptive realm.


So get it today so you can explore the inner self, and feel the pleasure of brain and body.


Counterintuitive Way to Freedom


Move Well,




P.S. Really, 1 Movement can open up brand new possibilities over Mother's Day Weekend (here in the good ol' US of A).




Author of The 1 Thing to Do & Move Like an Animal


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