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Happy Monday, Barry.

It's Leo here, coming at you from the support desk.

I hope this finds you coming off a well-rested, or at least productively-fun, weekend.

It might have been a boring (i.e., low-scoring) Super Bowl LIII (53). But, really... is there now any doubt that Tom Brady is the NFL's G.O.A.T (Greatest Of All Time)?

Speaking of excellence, when it comes to building wealth through the art of investing, Brad and Barry have already taught me that it's NOT my job to be an expert at everything.

It's not in my best interest to be the BEST market analyst, the BEST opportunity investigator, the BEST trader, the BEST speculator of___ (fill in the blank with any myriad of investment vehicles), etc, etc.

In other words, I've seen my B-bosses (Brad and Barry) constantly focus on finding the 'BEST in class speculators and opportunity-makers', not try and sell our members on why they personally are themselves.

Certainly, they can't help put raise their own game by bumping shoulders with world-class people (rainmakers and money-shakers, to throw some urban lingo your way).

You Barry, like me, have heard the phrase, "It's not what you know, it's who you know."

When push comes to shove, that is the core philosophy that drives our research and testing here at M4.

We simply want to know WHO 'out there' (not in here at the M4 HQ) is doing great things with their money; WHO has a sustainable and verifiable track-record; WHO has put together a system or approach to multiplying their wealth; WHO is a specialist at doing ONE main thing well.

It reminds me of the legal secretary from Brooklyn, Sylia Bloom, who for over 60-years quietly duplicated her boss's investments.

"She did this by shrewdly observing the investments made by the lawyers she served." (NY Times)

Basically, Ms. Bloom leveraged her time and efforts through the success of those who were more resourceful, more in the know, than she.

She wasn't envious of them. She didn't feel she needed to know as much. She simply focused her time and efforts by mirroring their trades with smaller investments of her own.

That brings me to the first order of premium content we'll fast be putting the final touches on THIS WEEK.

( keep reading below my name )

~ Leo Pike
Community Manager

P.S. Barry will be back with you next week for an official 'Money Monday' newsletter issue #78). Until then, our archives are always available at the bottom of the MM Archives page.

- What We're Working On This Week For
Paid-Up M4 Insider Members -

Finalizing For Release This Week - here are highlights of a few NEW items we'll be adding into the M4i membership. Please login or join / renew here...

Easy-to-Duplicate / Done-For-You Options Trades

By Friday, we will have a resource page for M4i members titled 'Piggyback Option Trades.' Some of the key advantages of trading options vs stocks are greater leveraging power, limited risk with higher potential returns, and consistent income strategies. Barry will create a show 'n tell video explaining who a small-account size can mirror the trades of a multi-million dollar, seasoned success trader. And it will take you only about 30-minutes a day to place your trades and check-in on you account.

How To Buy Super-Valuable Companies At Rock-Bottom Prices and Earn 20%+ on Auto-Pilot

For just over 20-years, a particular strategy has produced a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of just under 24% compared to the CAGR of the S&P 500, which was just under 10%.The result? 14x more capital in your portfolio over that time-frame. We're about to tell M4i members how to use this strategy to find above-average companies; but only when they are available at below-average prices.

Auto-Pilot FX Income

On Saturday, Brad sent out this email to M4i members. If you have even the slightest curiosity about an automated Forex software suite we've been sitting on for over a month (meaning, not officially endorsing), and what the general scoop is and/or testing it out for yourself too, then be sure to click the link above.

That's all the info. I have for now, Barry.

I'm off to work to attend to M4i members who have requested info. on the last item above.

Got my work cut out for me today. ;)

Talk again, soon.

~ Leo

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