The fact is.  Sore, stiff or tired legs can further turn on compensations.  Or muscles which substitute to get the job done.




See, many people are concerned about hip bones wearing out or knee replacements.


So you got a couple of options:


1.  Worry about that.




2. Check out our Lower Body Moves.  I give you the exact movement combinations to free up compensations in the key frontal plane.  This is the plane of movement which ideally needs to be synced first and you get them for only $27.99.


If not, please get yours TODAY because the sales price is ending.


You will discover lower body movements you can do to get need some relief and quick relaxation.  While rebuilding necessary muscular function so your muscles respond more optimally.


Now be warned:  You can try to figure out which frontal plane movements will help your legs and hips.


The fact is.  We know the combinations to unlock compensations.  Learn how to get the leg muscles not to substitute/compensate to move freely and easily.


So, you can go at it alone...


... or you can get this right now for 20% off!


Lower Body Moves with a Twist


Move Well,




P.S.  The 20% sale is ending... So please don't pay full price...


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Hanna Somatic Educator, H.S.E.

Holistic Health Advisor, H.H.A.


Author of Move Like an Animal & The 1 Thing to Do


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