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Did you gel into the couch, most of the weekend, like my March Madness-loving self?

My friends all know to not ask me to go anywhere this time of the year. I purposely sequester myself to ensure I don't miss the good stuff "live".

Yesterday, the little school that could, UCF... yup, they were *this* close to pulling off March's biggest upset against Duke.

There's something magical, something beyond-inspiring about the madness in March. And, I wrote about it via the link above. But, if it's just pure $-stuff you're after, keep reading... ;)

In this Issue:

  • Passive What?
  • Stashing It
  • High Net Worth

♦ Unique Tech Stock ♦

  • Subscription Creep
  • Self-Publishing
  • Quote of the Week

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“Thank you for the many years of your fantastic financial and lifestyle offerings. I love you guys!” ~ Shirley Dillard, M4i member since 2009


Sometimes, here at M4, we feel like more and more folks like to mix & foul-up words... no matter what. For instance, when it comes to the word "passive, its so surreal, so sought after, that many often twist the context around it. That word scorches the earth of our lazy wealth-centric society, giving birth to an all-or-nothing approach to financial wealth-building.

+ In early 2018, on a Reddit thread, somebody asked "what are the top 5 best ways to generate passive income? Interested in hearing thoughts and opinions!" A respondent wrote, "These are my favorites: Rentals, software / subscriptions, digital products, investing, Amazon FBA."

++ Yes, he elaborated on each one. But, still, none of those five truly sync-up to a pure-passive approach to auto-pilot income. If you'd like our take on this ongoing obsession with the subject, our Legend of Automated Money presentation is a great place to start.


If you haven't found a way to hide money from yourself, to literally sock-away $100/mo (minimum)... then... start skipping meals out, stop buying drive-through coffee, start using coupons, etc, etc. In short, do what you gotta do to automate the transfer of ones and zeroes from your main bank checking account... to... another safe, secure digital spot.

+ Well, there's many ways to do that. One way I especially like is this one (M4i login required). You can use the link I provide, go online and start earning a GUARANTEED 2% on cash within about 15 minutes of work. Yup, you read the correct: guaranteed... from people way more powerful than me. ;)


When it comes to putting me in my place, helping me see my financial pecking order... well, there's nothing quite like a good chart, a vivid graph, or a mouth-dropping static. And The Money Wizard (a 20-something year old blogger) put together 11 of them here for you to also be bedazzled by. Eh, me thinks I have some work to do to land even at the bottom of the blue pyramid. ;)

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♦ Unique Tech Stock ♦

Dr. Sjuggerud has found a company you’ve probably never heard of. It has one of the fastest-growing technologies on earth, and could soon pass Apple as the world’s biggest business.

And today, he is willing to email you, for free, his 26-page report on this opportunity.

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To get your free copy of “The #1 Stock to Buy Today,” simply go here, enter your email, and you'll have instant access.

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"The situation with subscriptions could end up being death by a thousand cuts when it comes to your budget," says Bruce McClary, spokesman for the National Foundation for Credit Counseling. Gregory Karp Of Nerdwallet further reports that "adding to the problem are so-called gray charges, deceptive and unwanted credit and debit card charges that stem from misleading sales and billing practices. They total more than $14 billion a year among U.S. cardholders."

+ How 'bout learning seven ways to spring-clean these unknown, often-forgotten recurring charges? Dive right in so you can use the freed-up funds for more enticing things (say, like gifting a M4 Insider subscription to a friend; one that actually pays for itself 10x over).


"If there’s one online income source I like talking about most, it’s definitely self-publishing on Amazon. I’m normally a pretty modest guy but I’ve gotta say…I rock at self-publishing! This post on how I make money self-publishing has been one of the most popular on the blog so I wanted to update it with everything I’ve learned over the last few years." [Joseph Hogue knows his stuff, so give this one a good read if you've been think about using Amazon to get your story out to the world.]

Quote of The Week:

"After the game, the King and the Pawn go in the same box. "

- Italian proverb

My longtime maestro of the mind, Len Wright, says: "Within this proverb hides a deep truth regarding polarity! It's all a game people. Stop being so attached to your ideals, opinions and what you think is truth and expand beyond what you think is even possible..."

* For more on Len, see his BE-ing The Change Challenge within the MIND section of M4 Insider.

Until next Monday...

Your Partner In The Quest For
Living a Life Without Limits,

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Co-Founder & Publisher

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