Getting out of chronic pain(stiffness, tension or stress) is not some linear event.

The brain carries the history of our life's events.

Fun & Exercise

Last weekend I was playing what we call pick up soccer where we play for fun.

And get a little exercise too because us “older dudes” are playing with the 20 and 30 somethings.

In a Flash An Ugly Stumble

As I attempted to intercept a ball, the wet ground gave way underneath my foot.

At that moment, my soccer shoe/boot got stuck on the ball as I crashed down. The knee got buckled underneath my buttocks.

Yep, it was one of the ugly falls where you’d think something bad had to happen.

Everyone around asked if I was alright.

Shake a Leg

First thing I did was to check my breathing. Then waited for a moment or two before I started to vibrate a little with the knee.

You’ve probably shaken your wrist or foot about if you hurt it.

Shaking a leg can be a good thing since vertebrate animals vibrate to reset.

You’ll see this with your pets when they shake or vibrate their spine or entire body.

They usually do this after they pandiculate.

Or instead of a pandiculation, when say for instance, the owner of the pet is in a hurry to get them outside.

Fortunately, I was able to continue to play. Many people would have locked up, been injured and hobbled to the car.

Reality Check

Later, I went on my usual walk with the dogs.

When I got back my knee felt a little tender.

Yep, I pushed it by going on the walk.

Now it was time for repair mode.

Back to the Drawing Board

As I greeted the new pain in a place I hadn't experienced before in the knee. It was time to elevate and rest it a little since there was some swelling.

This is normal when there has been a high level of duress or in this case, the force happened fast. I shoulda have taken care of it, but my dogs begged to go a walk.



Later, I realized the swelling needed a little compression to help get things back to normal.

Since it had been some time, I couldn't remember where the knee brace was hiding. Didn't find it until the next day so I hobbled around without it.

Move Small

In the meantime. Did some mobility movements.

Mind you, the moves were very, very small.

This is "exactly" the same thing I teach everyone when starting out with this approach.

Why People Fail

Since many of us were taught to exercise and go for it, we tend to push or want to hurry "doing" or recovery.

The biggest mistake I see when people use this approach of conscious pandiculation is to go too big or too fast.

I get it, we’re in a hurry. We want a speedy recovery.

So, I see how people speed their way through and miss the target which is the brain’s motor cortex.

How to Succeed

It does s-l-o-w. That way the brain can reset, if you will, in slow motion only.

That’s why us sports fans love to see a replay in slow motion.

You pick up the finer details that you would miss at the speed of life.

Reverse Engineer

So you build yourself back little by little until things come together.

Next morning. Knee was still bent up a little and I was fine with that.

Repair mode was under way even though the brain reverted to its past protection (program).

Take a Little Edge Off

So, another round of safe, little, small movements to jog the brain to calm down then nervous system.

While at the same reconditioning the movement system to open up a little.

Since I couldn't walk in the usual manner down the stairs.

I reversed it and walked backwards to be able to allow the leg to lengthen some.

At this point, the leg couldn’t fully extend nor bend all the way as well.

Press and Feel

Later on. I was pressing in the flesh to feel where the pain was.

How big?

How wide?

How deep or superficial?

What side felt more or less discomfort?

That way I could check in later to feel if things had changed.

This of course got me doing little movements around it. Probing consciously a little here and there.

Granted, I know how to release held tension.

Shift to Re-Balance

But... there is only so much the body will allow for as it is in repair mode.

The brain needs a little time to sort it out. The body needs a little time to recuperate and allow for things to shift toward balance.

No Need to Push It

Thus, there is no need to push it. Ya just come back a little later and mobilize here or there.

Then you know how much or how little you need to restore comfort on account of life still bringing ‘it’.

Next Day - Day 2 of Recovery

Did some morning moves. Felt and pushed into the tissues and there was already a positive change.

Was I 100%? No. I was on the mend so All Good!

Afterwards I could tell the brace could now be lessened since there was less tension. First time down the stairs, I went backwards to feel it out.

The next, I was able to walk up going forwards. It wasn't my usual walk, but it had improved a little.



By the afternoon, I was surprised. Yes, I still get surprised at the power of the brain and the ability to recuperate.

Walking felt a lot more comfortable. Of course, I wasn't pushing it.

This is what I see people do when they try to go right back to where they were.

We sometime forgot to honor the process of healing and recovery.

Plus, you may gain some useful insights in that period of learning how to move well again.


Again, it takes time to heal.

So as I worked at the computer, still had to elevate. Yet, I needed a lot less compression when I walked around.

The Sweet Spot

And then yes. I took a nap right around the sweet spot.

1:30 pm is the known sweet spot where the brain can reset. So alrighty then.

Woke up 20 minutes later knowing that a little sleep would help the cells in the brain do their clean up.

Again. Recovery is a process.

Later, I was able to walk down our hill (with the brace to be safe) to pick up the trash and recycling cans. On the walk back up the 1/4 mile hill. Things were feeling and moving better.

After that, I took off the brace. And didn’t need it any more.

Worthy Time

The time you have is worthwhile.

Accidents happen to those of us who teach this stuff. We're not immune.

We too have a history of pain or where we may have wrecked our body. Even while having fun.

The journey you take is worth it when you come out the other side.

Life Happens

Tap into the brain-body and keep it working for you since... life happens.

Like brushing your teeth where you parents had to tell you a million times to do it.


So I’m gong to only say it once (again).

Pandiculate. : )

Discover how marvelous the brain can work with and for you.

Move Well,


P.S. I played the next weekend and it was like it never happened. Oh happy dog wagging my tail. Woof!

Learn all the tricks and secrets of the healthy animals. (With a little applied human consciousness).

Wag your tail too in the Classroom or Just for You Program.

Hanna Somatic Educator, H.S.E.

Author of the 1 Thing to Do

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