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It has been a busy few weeks at the Health Stand office as we moved locations and are getting settled into our new office space! While we did love our previous 1910 character space for over 15 years, we are very excited to be in our new more modern home. We are looking forward to continuing to serve the Calgary area and expand our digital nutrition offerings this year. Here is a sneak-a-peak of our cozy new private waiting room:


This newsletter is focused on plant based ideas for a healthy summer AND strategies for personal growth for time strapped people. Happy reading!

  • Plant-based Power: 10 Ways to Top a Veggie Burger
  • How to Work on Inner Personal Growth (If You Don't Have Time to Read Books)
  • Scrambled Vegetarian Breakfast Burrito Recipe

Need a helping hand from our dietitian team that won't expect you to eat perfectly? If you are seeking better health, meal planning success and feeling better about the body you live in, hit reply to this email so we can arrange a time to speak privately (or phone me at 403-301-4106 or 1-800-268-9487). We can work with you in-person or virtually by video conferencing.

We specialize in meal planning, weight concerns, emotional eating, eating disorders, sports nutrition, diabetes, high cholesterol, digestive concerns, paediatric nutrition and more. Contact me so we can discuss your goals or health concerns and which dietitian on our team is the best fit for your goals.


Andrea Holwegner CEO, RD"The Chocoholic Nutritionist"

10 Ways to Top a Veggie Burger


Vegetarian meal planning that even the toughest plant-based skeptic will love!

Veggie burgers are good choices for vegetarians as well as for those that are looking to add more meatless meals into their family meal planning. While you might be keen to try more meatless Monday or plant-based meals at home, you may also have family members that are ‘meat-atarians’ and a plant-based skeptic. To ease your family in gently, read the tips below to start with a simple veggie burger fully dressed with some of my favorite yummy topping ideas below.

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How to Work on Inner Personal Growth (If You Don’t Have Time to Read Books)


Why audiobooks are awesome

By Registered Dietitian / Online Nutritionist Lindsay Rieger

Working on personal growth all sounds great on paper (or as I’m spouting it off to clients) however let’s be honest, life happens…and it is very busy for most. A lot of clients that I work with don’t even have time to even get groceries never mind read a book on bettering oneself. Enter one of my greatest loves…audiobooks.

Scrambled Vegetarian Breakfast Burrito Recipe


Try this plant-based vegetarian recipe by dietetics student Kristen Sunstrum

Did you know you can replace the taste and texture of eggs with tofu? With a bit of spice, and colorful veggies, this tofu-based dish can turn into a healthy & delicious vegan breakfast burrito (or lunch or supper entree)!

We specialize in the achievement of health without guilt or complexity. Since 2000, our Calgary nutritionists have offered nutrition counselling, professional speaking, educational resources, media expertise as well as food and grocery industry consulting. We also offer a one of a kind online nutrition course "The Pursuit of Healthiness" for individuals and employees looking to achieve better health, energy and move towards your personal best weight (still enjoying foods you love).

We stand for balanced living and no unnecessary food restrictions. You can count on us for healthy eating advice that always saves room for your favorites.

Live Deliciously,

The Dietitians at Health Stand Nutrition

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