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Dear friends,


Spring in Oregon is not subtle. Beauty is erupting everywhere, seducing my spirit and causing a ruckus. I can feel my wintry heart waking up. How about you?


The awakening heart calls to what is unlived in us and beckons us out the door with no safety net and a longing we cannot always put our finger on. It entices us with an invitation to grow and be and to come play in wonder and joy.


A neglected heart, on the other hand, is easily frustrated and sighs a lot. It longs for an unjustified moment to do something for no good reason other than we feel happy doing it. 


So—shall we let spring have her way with us? Let her shake us awake and go out in search of what is beyond our knowing? My heart is beating “Yes, please!” and I am quoting Don Quixote, “Until death it is all life.” Time to wake up!


With love,





Be one of the people on whom nothing is lost.

—excerpt from “The Art of Fiction” by Henry James, 1884 



Here's your opportunity to check out our new Wings home

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True Colors

If you’ve been watching your email, you already know that a new home for Wings is opening in Medford this month. But what’s inside La Clinica’s new Center for Learning and Innovation? And how can you see it?


When it is fully open, the Center for Learning and Innovation at 931 Chevy Way in Medford will house most of the people who do behind-the-scenes work for La Clinica—call center staff, performance excellence employees, medical records and referrals staffs, and administrators, including Wings Program Manager Salem Workman. It will also be home to a separate conference center that will be used by Wings for Medford seminars as well as La Clinica and community groups. The conference center has a separate entrance from the rest of the building and includes a large meeting room, lobby and kitchen areas, and small meeting rooms.


We’ve included some photos here, and if you’d like to see it in person, two opportunities are coming up. We’re planning an open house from 6 to 8 p.m. Tuesday, April 30, and both Program Director Sherrie Frank and La Clinica CEO Brenda Johnson will speak (email Salem at salem@wings-seminars.com to help us plan, or just show up). Your other opportunity is to be part of the first seminar to be held in the building. That’s WellBeing, and it is set May 2-5. Registration is here.

Introducing WorkLife Success, a seminar on work and life
WorkLife Success

For more than 30 years, Wings has been helping businesses and organizations promote and develop a healthy, empowered, and thriving workforce. Employers have been asking us to harness this expertise to create a seminar that develops the essential skills of effective communication, integrity, and dependability. Many people spend more than a third of their lives at work, making an understanding of how to bring heart, meaning, and purpose to work vital for long-term well-being. 


Now we are ready to deliver the quality of an experience we're known for at a price that makes absolute sense. WorkLife Success, our new 2-day professional seminar, is launching on July 8 in Medford. You can be one of the first to experience what we've created as a first level to our professional offerings, which also include Authentic Leader, Women with Wings Leadership Seminar, and Structure of Presence Facilitator Training.


Early registration is recommended for the launch of this seminar Monday, July 8, and we'll offer opportunities to attend in Portland beginning in the new year. We welcome anyone 18 or older into this seminar, now our lowest-cost offering. No other Wings experience is required! Learn more here.


A dream realized, and a transition
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advocacy image

Wings is all about pursuing dreams, and Marketing and Outreach Manager Shauna Prince is doing just that this spring; she’s getting ready to bring her enthusiasm, passion, and humor to a new role as a full-time life coach, working with her husband, Daniel Prince, also a graduate of Wings seminars and former intern for the program. (Find them at www.princecoachingandconsulting.com.) Shauna will move out of her Wings role over the next month or so, but you may continue to see her volunteering for the program and serving on assist teams. We’ll be looking later this spring for someone new to help us tell the world about our programs.


Thanks to you, we're giving more scholarships than ever
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Thank you to our generous donors, who have created the opportunity for 49 people to attend Wings seminars this spring. We were able to award a total of $14,400 in this round of scholarships to WellBeing, CrossOver, and True Colors. This is our largest scholarship pot ever. Wings offers scholarships twice annually in the fall and spring, focusing primarily on low-income attendees. Learn more about the program here, and read a blog post here from one woman who won a scholarship and appreciated having the opportunity to try a seminar. 



Hello, hello! Two opportunities are coming up to introduce others to Wings during one of our fun and fast-paced introduction nights. We'll be in Medford on Monday, May 6 and in Portland on Monday, June 10. Get details and sign up here.


Have some Wings with your work lunch. Would you like us to come to your workplace for a one-hour lunch-and-learn introduction to Wings and our work? Call Salem at 541-683-8540 to arrange a free session. You can choose from topics such as accountability, listening and communication, and how to manage an effective team.


See the latest Wings Confetti: juicy bits of inspiration just for you! 

 (Find new confetti as we sprinkle it by scrolling to the bottom of our home page.) 


Last Words
Photo courtesy of  Adrienne Adam


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