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February 2019
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Using A Funeral Celebrant: A Growing Movement That's

Catching Hold


If you aren’t familiar with the concept of using a professional celebrant to preside at funerals and memorial services, then you aren’t alone. The idea of using a secular professional trained to lead funeral ceremonies isn’t new, but it is a relatively recent phenomenon in North America.


The profession of funeral celebrant developed in Australia in the 1970s when the government identified the need for specialists trained to officiate at wedding ceremonies. With success conducting weddings, the celebrants began applying their skills to funerals as well. The concept quickly spread throughout Australia and the UK. During the late 1990s, the movement began to take hold in North America.

The use of funeral celebrants in this country is still in its early stages, but there is already a vibrant and growing population of professional funeral celebrants in the United States. We think the use of funeral celebrants is a trend that will continue to take hold.


To help the Funeralwise community learn more about using celebrants, we have added new content to our site and now feature celebrants in our Preferred Provider Directory. If you are a Funeral Celebrant and would like to be added to our directory, click here.


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Digital Dying
Our blog, Digital Dying, presents our unique perspective on funeral customs past and present, We look forward by covering topics relating to Funerals of the Future, news, funeral customs, and the people shaping the industry.

We continues to look for new ways to help people make the difficult decisions that come with end-of-life.Our goal is to help you prepare for the inevitable, celebrate life, and remember those who have gone before us.


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