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Discovering a ten dollar bill in the jacket you just dragged out of spring storage, or even running across a lucky penny, can feel like the modern-day equivalent of finding a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow. But if you’re hoping to make serious, sustainable money on luck alone, you probably shouldn’t own your own business. Smart entrepreneurs know it takes more than luck to keep a business afloat, even in a booming industry like aging care. It takes time and persistence, and in today’s tech savvy world, it takes great digital content to attract, engage, and retain new clients.


survey conducted by The Content Council and AdAge shows more companies are putting more dollars every year into content creation. According to the report, the percentage of total marketing budgets allocated to content marketing has increased from 13% two years ago to 23% today, and is expected to account for 33% in the next two years. Additionally, 76% of those surveyed said their already strong commitment to content marketing will increase 36% in the next two years. This is clearly a strong trend. So why is content marketing so wildly important to so many agencies?


Click here to learn more about content marketing and the vital role it plays in growing home care businesses.


Learn Even More About Content Marketing & Senior Care

As content marketing and aging care industry experts, we know that in today’s marketing environment, content marketing and senior care are a natural couple. Read more about how content marketing and senior care go hand-in-hand in Merrily Orsini’s guest blog post on Caring.com.


You can also listen to a recent Caring.com webcast entitled Beyond the Buzzword: The Power of Content Marketing for Senior Care that featured our own Merrily Orisini by clicking here.

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Need to add a little more than luck to your content marketing strategy? corecubed's aging care and content marketing experts can help. Contact us here for a quote, or call us at 800-370-6580 X1. You can also drop us an email at info@corecubed.com.


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