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September 2020


There are all sorts of things happening out in our Solar System that are affecting what is happening here on Earth. There is an ancient law that says "As above, so below; As within, so without." This is the law that makes it possible for your doctor to test a drop of your blood and know what is going on with all your blood. This is also why when the Sun has a geomagnetic storm, or the Moon is full, or when the barometer bottoms out, that you can be affected.

Let us begin with our neighboring planet, Mars. It is moving towards us at a speed of 8 km/sec, which I figure is about 4 miles/second. It is so close to us right now that it is brighter to us than Sirius, the brightest star in the sky!

According to www.spaceweather.com, "By the night of closest approach on October 6 (0.4149 AU), Mars will more than double in brightness again, outshining everything in the night sky except Venus and the Moon." That's pretty bright, y'all.

If you get up before day breaks, go look high in the southern sky. You'll see Mars, shining in its burnt orange light, just as the sky begins to hint at the blue of the coming dawn.

Mars and Earth, like all planets in our solar system, have elliptical orbits. As a result, there is always a perihelion (closest point) and aphelion (farthest point) and the two planets are approaching their perihelion to one another. Mars is coming extremely close to Earth.

And its proximity is already affecting us. Noticing how everyone is even more wanked up about politics, black lives mattering, and even simple personal disagreements lately?


Mars LOVES War

Most folks don't know much about the god Mars, also known as Ares, except that he is the god of War and the lover of Venus. And those things are true.

What you may not know is that Mars had a really tough childhood. And he's still mad about it. In fact, his happiness is comes via your rage because then he is in control of you. Anything that controls you weakens you and strengthens the controller. Remember that what you resist, persists... because you feed it.

Mars was rarely included in gatherings of the gods and goddesses because he was such a jerk. Venus loved his bad boy-ness, but he never committed to her, even after he murdered her lover Adonis. Mars is always about WIIFM (What's In It For Me?)

As Mars approaches Earth, you can expect war. This thug thrives in the discord. He brings it wherever he goes. Look for our country to go to war. If not with Iran, or another country, then amongst ourselves. The divisiveness at play in the United States today will serve Mars in any country he may choose to stir up trouble. We must know he is already in our neighborhood and stand as one. Bullies hate that.


All Planets are Living Beings

You may not realize that the Earth is alive, but she is. She is conscious. She is creative. And she is a being on a scale that is much more than we can easily conceptualize. This is why we create gods and goddesses to anthropomorphize our thoughts about such vast and powerful beings.

The names we have given the planets help us to grasp the qualities of each planet's impact on us, on events, and on the energy at play in any given day. Consider what you know about the gods that share the names of the planets:

Saturn: The Titan ruler of the Solar System after he castrated his father, Uranus. Saturn was father of the Olympians, and the ruler of limits, responsibility, duty, and time. He is serious, focused, and completely in charge of all things that have to do with government, business, education, and economics. He is also all about family, tradition, and structure. The planetary ruler of Capricorn and, in ancient times, also of Aquarius.

Jupiter: The ruler of the sky and land. His weapon is the thunderbolt. Also known as Zeus, Jupiter is the ruler of reason, judgement, good luck, and adventure. He is expansive, optimistic, benevolent, and confident. Jupiter is in charge of all things having to do with expansion, fun, and success. The planetary of Sagittarius, and, in ancient times, also of Pisces.

Pluto: The ruler of the underworld. His weapon is the bident, a two-pronged pitchfork. Also known as Hades, Pluto is the ruler of the afterlife, poison, sex, and death. He is completely in charge of the conscience, subconscious, and dreams, as well as anything that has to do with riches from mineral wealth - oil, gas, diamonds, rubies, uranium, gold, platinum, etc. Pluto is a stern and incorruptible judge. He is the roto-rooter of the zodiac, and stirs up all the shit that needs to be brought to the Light of Day. Pluto is the god of transformation and metamorphosis, the spirit world, and all refining processes. The planetary ruler of Scorpio.

For more about each of the planets in a concise summary form like this, see my Feng Shui & Moon Magic Planning Calendar, page 9.


The reason you want to know this about the planets is that these three gods are in a conclave in the sign of Capricorn reaming out life as we know it. Daddy Saturn has been having a come to Jesus meeting at his own house with two of his three sons, Jupiter and Pluto. This meeting has been going on since January.

You might have noticed that all sorts of stuff has been thrown into the spotlight about government scandals, subterfuge, and swindles. Likewise, all sorts of sexual revelations have been making headlines as the darkest secrets were brought to light about Epstein and his ilk, the trafficking of children, and the Me Too movement. The Black Lives Matter upswell is revolting against any further repression and racism, and rightfully so.

Saturn, Jupiter, and Pluto have been clustered together in Capricorn for months. They went retrograde as the began to bump into Aquarius, and then backed up to be sure that every last ugly bit of nastiness was dug up and out of the mire and muck. And so it continued all through the year up to now.

The End Begins with the Onset of September

Interestingly, the father of Saturn, Uranus, began the closure. Uranus is the ruler of revolution, intuition, and insight. He is completely in charge of all things electrical and technological, as well as all inventions, investigations, and rebellions. Uranus is the lightning bolt of life - the great Zot! He is the ruler of Aquarius, and the coming age. And look at what Grandpa is stirring up for you…


The Conclusion of the Capricorn Conclave

This too shall pass. Thank you gods! Right now, Saturn, Jupiter, and Pluto are retrograde in Capricorn, continuing to dig up the dirt and shovel the manure out for all to smell and clean up.

Mars is going to step into the mix and see if he can sniff up some mischief. He is already in his home sign of Aries. He will turn retrograde on September 9th.

Mars rules "masculine" traits such as aggression, sex, action, and desire. By contrast, Venus rules "feminine" traits such as emotion, beauty, and love. When the warrior planet goes retrograde, these areas of life can feel, well, a bit fragile. Sex drives may dwindle. In the workplace, you may feel stagnant and held back every time you try to move forward. Expect frustration and learn to laugh at it. Conflict will not be productive during this time. You will lose the war.

Now is the time for introspection. Look within, whether concerning your love life or career. Pointless bickering just burns your energy like burning dollar bills. Pettiness, lack of motivation, and discouragement will destroy any ambitions for accomplishments.

While you may excel at pitching fits, tantrums never open doors for opportunity. Plan calm and soothing activities for now. There will be an abundance of uncertainty between now and mid-November when Mars gets going forward again. Mark your calendar for a lucky Friday the 13th! Meanwhile, do what you need to do to take care of major decisions before September 9th.

Jupiter will turn direct on September 12th in Capricorn. Businesses will then begin to get back on their feet. This includes the airlines and anything to do with adventure. It's the BEGINNING. Not the fruition. Things have to start somewhere, and this is where it starts. Good luck begins to return. So does expansion - that will include Covid, folks, so pay attention and don't get trigger happy here! It will move into Aquarius on December 20th, just in time to celebrate the Winter Solstice. Things will be clearly different at that time.

Saturn will turn direct on September 28th in Capricorn. Schools will begin to get back on their feet, as will government entities. Saturn will lift its limits a little bit at a time, and, like Jupiter, will enter into Aquarius on December 18th, again, just in time for the Winter Solstice. (Merry and Happy EVERYTHING!) Ah yes, we are breathing easier, but not forgetting how we got here.

Pluto is another story. So far out in its orbit, Pluto only changes signs about every 20 years or so. It won't move into Aquarius until 2023. This means there is still roto-rooting to be done and Pluto will continue doing what it does best. Expect the nasty stuff to continue to be laid out for everyone to see for the next two years.


Stay Aware and Choose Consciously!

So as this whole global mess comes undone, remember that each and every one of us is a contributor to the energy field of our planet. We are, in fact, the planetary brain! Our thoughts are currently giving Gaia a raging fever that is manifesting as wildfires and a migraine headache that manifested as TWO hurricanes in the Gulf of Mexico. Sheesh!

So turn off the political conventions. You know whom you support. Starve Mars and his passion for stirring up discord by ignoring it. Go do something more important to you than talk about the crazies currently playing in politics. It will just make you crazy and steal your energy, burning it up as it goes.

Spend all your time and focus now deciding the answer to this question: When this is all over, how do you want things to be? And then go do whatever you have to to make that happen.


The Most Beautiful Place in America…

…is home. Your home. In your neighborhood, in your town, in your state, and in your country. Put a flag on it. Notice your neighbors have flags on their homes too. Doesn't matter what color their home is. It is their HOME.

We are the people of the United States of America. Let us honor our homes. All our homes. And let us honor each other.


Autumn Energy Clearing Workshop

In order to facilitate the release of the current Covid cluster-flop, you will want to clear the energy of your environment at every level - physical, astral/emotional, mental, and spiritual. This is going to take a bit of time and effort, but it must be done if you are ready to take back control from Covid.

We will meet online via Zoom and I will walk you through every step you need to take to clear out the crud that 2020 has unloaded into your life. Once you register I will send you a list of supplies to gather and a copy of my book, The Fine Art of Energy Clearing by the Cycles of the Seasons.


Wear your witch hat and learn about the field of brains stars it carries as we:

  • Stir up delicious spices to scent your home with the balance of Autumn
  • Bless and dress your fresh new corn broom for clearing stagnation out of your house
  • Draw Down the Moon for lunar-charged water that cleans out emotional toxins
  • Perform a Blue Flame Clearing to eliminate the shadows of sorrow and resentment
  • Cast Circles of Protection with Steel and Silver
  • Exorcise the Demons of Debt, Divorce, and Disaster
  • Explore creating whatever ritual you need to deal with whatever demon. you're facing

This training is presented on the Saturday, September 19th, just before the Autumn Equinox on the 22nd, so you'll have a few days to finish up what we start. The workshop runs from 10am to 4pm, and we will have a working lunch, so have yours prepared and ready to eat while I share stories about energy and how you are in charge of it.

LOVE This Stuff?

Enjoy ghost busting and helping folks handle the unseen forces eating away at their lives? Take all four Energy Clearing Workshops and receive your Energy Practitioner Certification!

Register one person before September 12th for $199. Grab a pal and register two together for $222 for both of you! Tuition includes your book, which serves for all four workshops! Register today at https://www.tomorrowskey.com/EnergyClearingWorkshops.html


2020 Feng Shui Five Elements Workshops:
The Dance of the Celestial Animals


Clogging with the Cicada & Tiger will be presented on Sunday afternoon, September 13th, 1:30-3PM Central, with a focus on the transfer of energy from Earth to Metal, from the Cicada to the Tiger. We burrow deeper, just as the Cicada does after mating, and anchor ourselves within the heart of the Earth for the coming days of Winter. Bring in the bounty, fill up the pantry, and stock your larder with the harvest.

My Time Flow Keys Theory, which is included and explained in my Feng Shui & Moon Magic Planning Calendar, reveals that the time flow for September dances into the Mutable quality of Earth, it transforms into the Cardinal quality of Metal. Tuck the fruit of the Earth inside the house and accent them with solid protection of Metal as Summer wanes and Autumn dawns.

We will look to the transformation of the Earth element into the magic of Metal. Knowledge of how to work with this divine element was given to mankind by the gods. Metal gave us hinges with which to close our doors. It gave us tools to build. It gave us dominion over the animals as we harnessed them to help us with our labors. It gave us protection as we forged weapons to protect ourselves from intruders. It gave us the keys to any future we can imagine, as long as we have and can wield our tools.

Autumn breezes blow in the Season of Cardinal Air and Heaven Energy. We go back to school and deepen our wisdom in order to strengthen our homes for the coming Winter. We will activate each Metal area, in both the Children & Creativity gua and the Benefactor & Travel gua with the supportive energy of Earth. We will begin tapping into ancestral blessings and, as the viral danger wanes, mapping out our adventures in the future.

Join me live online via Zoom from wherever you are, Sunday, September 13th, from 1:30-3PM and join us for Clogging with the Cicada & Tiger. Tuition: $30. Register today at bit.ly/TKFSWorkshops

Register for both the Feng Shui Workshop Clogging with the Cicada & Tiger on September 13th and the Practical Magic Workshop on Stirring Up September Cauldron Magic of September 27th and save 10%. More details follow…

Only Until 9/22: Order 2+ Calendars and SAVE 10%!


Feng Shui & Moon Magic
2021 Planning Calendar

My Feng Shui & Moon Magic 2021 Planning Calendars have arrived! There are ONLY 100 COPIES however. Well, there were, now there are only about 80.

2021 will be the year of the Earth Ox, so you can expect things to be a lot more stable! Support yourself with the information provided by this calendar and know how every day is influenced by the energy of the time. Know how your life is influenced by the planets and their rascally retrograde motions. Know the phases of the Moon so you can plan your activities to be supported, as well as the zodiac unfolding, the eclipses, and meteor showers.

The 2021 Planning Calendars are spiral bound and still the same price: $25. Order 2+ before the Autumn Equinox and SAVE 10%. Only available at bit.ly/TKBooksCalendars


The Practical Magic Workshop: Stirring Up September Cauldron Magic will focus on the magic you can make in your own kitchen with a big pot and a little love. We will stir up a pot of vegetable soup for you to enjoy with your family. Spouses will lean over your shoulder and ask, "What's cookin' good lookin'?" Cook some bread or pies too and kids will stay close enough to smell the wonder of your kitchen magic.

Join me Sunday, September 27th, 1:30-3PM Central via Zoom for the Practical Magic Workshop Stirring Up September Cauldron Magic and join me for another empowering kitchen magic lesson. We will explore other magic you can perform with your big cooking pot. Call it a cauldron if you like!


Attend one workshop for $30 or both for $54. Register today for either or both at bit.ly/TKFSWorkshops or just the Practical Magic workshop at http://www.tomorrowskey.com/PracticalMagicWorkshops.html.

Can't make these dates? Order the video and PDF and enjoy the workshops at your own convenience.



The Magic of Mind

Bringing Your Intentions to Life

This is the Age of Mind. You may have noticed the advances in technology have given everyone access to all the information in the world. It is also the Age of Magic. Anything you can imagine, you can create. All things are created first in the Mind. Including your future.

This book is a collection of the 13 Practical Magic Workshops. Yes, you ARE magical. The only reason you think you are not is because you believe that to be true. Try believing in yourself and watch what happens. Want to test it? Try it out and see for yourself!

Explore any of these topics as you remember your power:

  • Garden Magic
  • Broom & Besom Magic
  • Speech & Spell Magic
  • Magic of Light
  • Runes & Magical Markings
  • Stitchery Magic
  • Working with Wands
  • Wreath & Garland Magic
  • House Blessings
  • Dowsing
  • After Death… What You Need to Know
  • Magic of Invocation
  • Precious Metal Magic

All of these materials were presented in workshops which I audio recorded and which are also available for ordering from my website at https://www.tomorrowskey.com/PracticalMagicWorkshops.html.When you are ready to embrace the power of your own magic, simply start with the basics. Everything in this book is based on focusing thoughts on what you DO want, and exploring ways to bring your intentions to life. The Magic of Mind is a book for anyone of any level of experience or none at all. Every topic has everything you need explained and presented in step-by-step procedures that are easy to understand and follow.


YES YOU CAN Learn to Live the Life of Your Dreams!

When you look in the mirror and don't even recognize the person looking back at you, you begin to yearn to reconnect to the you you know is in there…somewhere.

When you spend your days — and nights — worrying endlessly about everything and can't sleep and are exhausted and played out and overwhelmed, you yearn for peace that you know is out there…somewhere.

When your monkey mind will not shut up about all the things that make you crazy, mad, or depressed, you begin to yearn for the peace of mind you know is out there…somewhere.

I have walked this path. I have looked in that mirror. I have worried till my brain bled! And I have had a circus full of monkeys in my mind. And I found the path to somewhere and to sanity.

I created this workshop as part of my doctoral dissertation. Those who have taken it experience a joyous transformation in their lives. Testimonials include stories like this, from Carolyn O'Brien: "This is possibly the BEST TIME I could go through this class. This quarantine has had lots of ups and downs.... but coupled with the strength of growth from becoming a conscious creator.... just wow. I'm strong enough and have the tools to face not only my own demons, but those around me. I KNOW brighter better bigger days are here and ahead."

The next session of The Art of Living Your Life will begin in September, just in time for you to go "back to school." We meet online via Zoom, Thursdays, 7:30-9PM. You can order the book from me and have it all already printed or you can print out each week's materials from PDF. The curriculum is richly colorful so you will enjoy just reading through the pages. The work is real, the journey is tough, but I walk with you every step of the way. This workshop lasts about six months, so by Spring, everything will have transformed for you. When you take 100% responsibility for your choices, your success is GUARANTEED!

For more information or to register, please visit bit.ly/TKArtOfLiving


Feng Shui Fun On The Run PRO Blog Free Sample:

Let It Be…

As the Sun FALLS from the sky, now is the time for the onset of decay. While mushrooms grow any time decay is happening, they are most prevalent in the Fall. Watch for mushrooms growing in fairy rings, miniature groves, and marvelous displays.

Mushrooms are fruiting bodies of growth that serve to distribute spores. There are four classes of mushrooms: parasitic, endophytic, mycorrhizal and saprophytic. Parasitic mushrooms grow on a live host and often kill the tree or plant. Endophytic fungi live within the host plant without injuring it, while mycorrhizal mushrooms have a mutually beneficial bond with their host. Saprophytic mushrooms decompose dead trees and plants and help build humus in the soil.

While some fungi can be eaten, others are poisonous. Some types are useful as medicines. Mushrooms are important in the process of decomposition, and often prove useful as bioremediators to clean up polluted areas. These fungus will “consume” things - breaking down toxic waste into the harmless elements of soil.

To go through decomposition requires complete release of identity and form. We will all face this process.

Transmigration of souls or metempsychosis is a belief common to many cultures, in which the soul passes from one body to another. This is Nature’s way of recycling. All life that has ever been, like all water on the planet, is still here, simply in different forms. Change is the one thing you can count on. Adaptability is the most vital talent you can possess.

In the Wheel of the Year, Fall is the time transfiguration begins. Change is facilitated. Knowing this, embrace the shift from the Dog Days of Summer towards the shortening of hours of daylight as we begin the approach now to the Autumn Equinox. Summer winds down, the drive for back to school will surge on August 18th, with the New Hazel Moon.

Knowing it is coming, plan now what you will study this Fall. Change from what you are now to what you choose to be, do, or have. You are either changing and growing or your are changing and dying. Stagnation equals death.


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I use photos of places I visit or images I find online or in print to create teaching moments that share Feng Shui wisdom. I publish them every day of the year except Christmas. Know what you're walking into wherever you go when you subscribe to Feng Shui mini-lessons. Subscribers are now invited to email me their photos for free Feng Shui evaluations! Subscribe for only $15/month at http://bit.ly/Subscribe2FSFOTR.


Cauldron Magic (Excerpt)

The cauldron is the tool of creation in magic, whether you are stirring up a pot of homemade soup or homemade soap. This vessel is usually found standing on three legs, honoring the Triple Goddess—maiden, mother, crone—, the three phases of the Moon—waxing, full, waning—and the Trinity—Father, Son, Holy Spirit/Mother. The cauldron, and all tools which contain, symbolizes and manifests transformation and brings enlightenment, wisdom, and rebirth.

The cauldron and its powers are associated with Hecate—protectress of wise women, Greek goddesses Demeter and her daughter Persephone, Circe and Medea—Greek enchantresses, Siris—the Babylonian goddess of fate and mother of the stars whose cauldron was made of lapis lazuli, and the Celtic goddess Cerridwen, from whose cauldron bubbled forth gifts of wisdom and inspiration. Odin, Norse king of the gods and the Hindu sky god, Indra, both acquired their ability to shape-shift by drinking from a cauldron of wise blood. Other males connected to the cauldron include Bran the Blessed, the Welsh god of the sacred cauldron, and Cernurnos, the Celtic horned god who was cut apart and boiled into a cauldron to be reborn.

The cauldron’s magic is closely linked to the Holy Grail, the chalice believed to be used by Jesus Christ at the Last Supper. Before Christianity, however, the grail belonged to the pagans as a symbol of reincarnation (all life begins in water) and rebirth through the divine womb of the Goddess. All vessels are sacred to the aware.

Cauldron Care

A working cauldron should be cast iron with a tight fitting lid, three sturdy legs, and a strong handle. When you first acquire a new cauldron, wash it yourself with soap and water. Rinse it well and dry it immediately and thoroughly. Rub vegetable shortening (Crisco) or vegetable oil into its interior surfaces. Put it into a pre-heated oven (350°) and let it get smoking hot (about 20–30 minutes). Using a double oven mitt, take it out, place it on the stove top, and let it cool.

You can wash your cast iron with soap and water, just get it out of the water as fast as you can. Set it on your stove top and turn on the burner to dry it well. When cool enough to touch, rub with shortening or oil, and wipe with a paper towel. Heat the pan till it smokes, turning it to be sure the heat spreads evenly. When hot, rub one more time with that same paper towel. Let it cool before you put it away.

If you have a large cauldron, you can place it next to your altar, or on either side if necessary, according to your dominant hand. If you have a small cauldron, such as one used for burning incense, it can be placed directly onto your altar.

Keep track of your cauldron at all times, never allowing anyone else to use your magical tool. The blending of someone else’s energy into yours will not work well for them. If you discover that you have lost your cauldron’s lid, or forgotten to replace it over the cauldron when not in use, expect company, most likely a stranger.

Cauldron Safety

All of these suggestions for working with fire require you to be safety conscious. Do these outside in a cleared open space so that nothing catches fire. Have a fire extinguisher, fire blanket, and your lid at hand. I like to use flour to smother fire but not make the mess of a fire extinguisher. If you burn yourself, run the burned area under cool water, then apply aloe vera.



For the rest of this lesson and information about Cauldron and Besom Magic, order the workshop PDF of the never before presented materials OR register for the September Practical Magic Workshop at bit.ly/PracticalMagicWorkshops.


Mabon: The Autumn Equinox

Autumn brings the restoration of balance with the zodiac sign of Libra. The Scales are the only sign of the zodiac that is not a living thing. In ancient days, Libra was symbolized by the dove of peace.

Autumn is the time of War. The harvest is in, the family is fed, now men go to war. (I know this makes no sense to most people, but it was the way things were in times past. Look at your history. War starts most often in the Autumn. It is the time of Metal energy, power, will, and force. This is when the battles of football began. Make no mistake, the money involved in the war on the green field is just as important to an NFL player as a mercenary in a foreign field, and yes, their lives and futures are at risk.

Consider some things you can do this year to restore balance in your life:

  • Turn off the technology. Go OUTSIDE!
  • Prioritize what is important to you. Say no and mean it. Simply say, "That is not a priority for me right now"
  • Get enough sleep, eat healthier, and commit to an activity you enjoy
  • Avoid toxic people, programs, and processed foods
  • Spend time with people you love without a digital device
  • Play a game with a child or the child in your friend
  • Treat yourself. You work hard. You can give yourself a mani/pedi or schedule one
  • Buy yourself flowers
  • Light a candle and enjoy a beverage
  • Explore your world
  • Read a book
  • Learn something new
  • Do something you've always wanted to do
  • Find your sense of humor and tickle its fancy
  • Create something - music, a meal, art, a dance, anything
  • Forgive the heaviest thing you carry in your heart
  • Plan your next vacation


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