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  • Tips for Feeding Picky Eaters
  • But I Don't Have Time...Reflecting on the Stories We Tell Ourselves
  • My Grandma Viola's Vanilla Pudding Recipe (sooooo much better than the packaged stuff!)

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Tips for Feeding a Picky Eater

teens and body image

Children’s Nutrition: How to Get Your Picky Eater to Try New Foods and Enjoy Them

Being the parent or caregiver of a picky eater is tough. You want to expand their pallet but any food that isn’t on your child’s exclusive list of favourites tends to be rejected outright. Mealtime and snack time become stressful and you are likely worried that your little one isn’t getting the nutrients they need to be healthy. Many parents and caregivers end up giving in, reasoning that it’s better for their child to get at least some calories and nutrients from their favourite foods then to go hungry.

A lot of children are picky eaters, which can stress out parents, caregivers and children and cause strife. To help you weather this tricky time here are a few things to keep in mind.

But I Don't Have Time...

low FODMAP diet - IBS

Reflecting on the Stories We Tell Ourselves...

Despite knowing the huge benefits I’ve received from a mindfulness meditation practice, it is often NOT easy to do.

As a working mom I sometimes tell myself there isn’t enough time, it is not the “right time,” or I am just too tired. Other days there is no excuse and I just simply do not want to do it.

Sound familiar? All of us struggle at times to put healthy habits into place despite “wanting” to make a change.

Grandma's Vanilla Pudding Recipe


Try this simple, yummy recipe that is ready in a flash!

Looking for a high calcium dessert? Homemade pudding is much healthier than store-bought packaged pudding. Try my Grandma Viola’s classic vanilla pudding. She would serve this with a raspberry fruit sauce or stewed rhubarb. You can also enjoy this plain, with fresh berries or top this with sliced banana and a spoon of shredded coconut. Enjoy this simple Registered Dietitian approved healthy dessert.

We specialize in the achievement of health without guilt or complexity. Since 2000, our Calgary nutritionists have offered nutrition counselling, professional speaking, educational resources, media expertise as well as food and grocery industry consulting. We also offer a one of a kind online nutrition course "The Pursuit of Healthiness" for individuals and employees looking to achieve better health, energy and move towards your personal best weight (still enjoying foods you love).

We stand for balanced living and no unnecessary food restrictions. You can count on us for healthy eating advice that always saves room for your favorites.

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