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Tuesday 22nd October 2019 (Fortnightly Edition)

Hallo again from Team-ei: We'll be jumping straight into what our network is up to as there is no news for this week. And as the wonderful wise, Grandma Hobsbawm would say, if you don't have anything to say, say nothing at all.




Ei’s Editorial Director Sophie Radice has partnered with We Yone Child, a tiny Sierra Leonean charity who have built two primary schools in the most neglected communities in the capital of Freetown.

Sophie says: “I worked with We Yone Child in 2018 to build a secondary school so that the amazing primary kids I met out there could continue their free education beyond the age of eleven. I managed to raise money through GoFundMe and a private donation from a philanthropist. The foundations and the first floor have been built but we still have a way to go to get the school finished for September 2020. We Yone Child is completely transparent with up to date financial reports and any donor has access to how their money is spent. See your donation go directly into bricks and mortar to build a future for the children of Sierra Leone!”.

Come on, eiNetwork: give it some wellie!!

Arts, Culture & Design

READ LONG: Shappi Khorsandi on the pressure of the Edinburgh Fringe.

READ SHORT: Keep up with the biggest book releases this month here.

LISTEN: Listen to this episode of The History of Literature podcast - this one's all about The Brontë sisters.

WATCH: Queer cinema has worked hard to develop tropes of its own. So what's the significance of clothes sniffing?

LEARN: How well do you know your drag? Take this quiz!

EVENTS: It's Writers' Day at the London Literature Festival on the 26th of this month. Find out more here.

Business & Economics

READ LONG: The UK population is set to grow more slowly than previously thought. Head to the Financial Times for what this will mean.

READ SHORT: Slave to the tortoise shell: how Japan's emperor is trapped in his palace.

LISTEN: Using economics for good: head to the Peston Lecture on 13th November to listen to Dr Rachel Glennerster.

WATCH: Abercrombie & Fitch: once it ruled a generation of teenagers, now no one is sure what really happened to it. Can the once-great high street hero make a comeback? Find out here.

LEARN: Learn how Supreme built a billion dollar empire.

EVENTS: Why not head to UCL on the 24th of this month for a seminar on migration, globalisation, work and poverty. The event is first come, first served in regards to seats in the theatre but you can register your interest here.

Digital & Thechnology

READ LONG: The veneer of big tech is starting to crack. Hear from John Harris in The Guardian.

READ SHORT: A farewell to the porn block from Amy Orben. Well, well, well.

LISTEN: Thomas Telford, son of a shepherd, changed Britain with his legendary engineering. Listen to this.

WATCH: If you haven't heard the hype around the latest series of Top Boy, where have you been?! Check out the advert here.

LEARN: How to create good digital citizens: in podcast form!

EVENTS: Struggling with half term plans? Use this free museum finder to help you out!

Politics & World Affairs

READ LONG: Gay conversion therapy is still permitted in the UK. What gives?

READ SHORT: Katie Rogers muses on why political influence matters when it comes to foreign policy.

LISTEN: This November, why not head to the University of Greenwich for this talk on undercover policing and trade unions.

WATCH: Watch Giri/Haji on BBC iPlayer, ready to binge. Set across Tokyo and Japan, this thrilling series explores the effect of one murder on events in the two cities.

LEARN: Does Nutella use child labour? Read more here.

EVENTS: Head to Somerset House for A Power Trip - a guided walk following the themes of power, law and politics.

Science & Medicine

READ LONG: Deepak Chopra has never been sick. Doctor and self-help guru - seems to be working then!

READ SHORT: Persistent daily fears - what are yours? Eugenia Viti shares hers with The New Yorker.

LISTEN: Check out BBC Earth's podcast. Series 3 includes episodes on the weather, nature's beauty and human spaces. Listen here.

WATCH: Watch this documentary on how science came to understand sex and how Horizon helped.

LEARN: Can you feed bread to ducks? The debate rages on...

EVENTS: Head to this Doctor Who-themed Late opening at the Natural History Museum on 25th October!

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