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Know anyone who just hasn't figured out the concept of utilizing "good debt?" (more next week).

Or, how 'bout those who put more emphasis on delayed gratification than on doing what's necessary (including sacrificing some things) in order to add value first.

If so, business big boss and guru Kevin Nations has a tip:

"Having trouble growing your business? Get an AMEX and cut up all your credit cards and use the AMEX and debit cards and watch how much more urgency you have to contribute more than you consume!"

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  • Freedom Dividend
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♦ Earn a Living Online ♦

  • The Copper Crunch
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"Keep up the digging and sifting in the quest for reliable, workable ideas that help to further my plans in the present and future."

~ Byron Nightingale, M4i member since 2015


That is the overall 'feel good' label of 2020 presidential candidate Andrew Yang's core campaign pitch — i.e., that every American adult over the age of 18 should be a “shareholder” in the American economy by receiving a $1k/moth dividend check.

+ But as M4 friend and brain-trust colleague Bobby Casey wonders, "$1,000/month is tantamount to working a full time job at $5.77 per hour. It’s considered exploitative to employ someone at that rate, but it ceases to be exploitative to cut that check for nothing at the expense of everyone else?" He has a lot more to say here. And, his well-written exposé of Universal Basic Income (UBI) had me also asking: "Is the something-for-nothing expectation in this country just a fringe offshoot... or, something more concerning?"

++ Palo Alto-based trader Tim Knight, via Torches & Pitchforks, seems to think the latter: "The danger, I believe, is that the political soil will be fertile and loamy for the already-planted seeds of socialism to thrive. That’s exactly what the Russian Revolution and Chinese Revolution were about. The wealth of the upper classes was utterly confiscated by the state, and rich people weren’t just subjected to unkind stories in the press they were imprisoned, tortured, or killed." [Crap, I promised no gloom 'n doom links on this newsletter].


Louis James isn't claiming to be a market prognosticator. However, in this weekend's Speculator's Digest (sign-up here) he writes, "My first thought, watching this circus play out [i.e., the Lyft IPO], was that it’s clearly late-cycle froth. What else can it be when speculators who mistakenly think they’re investors madly chase the stock of a company that lost a billion dollars last year? To me, this is a clear sign that mainstream markets are ripe for a fall."

+ Rob Koyfman adds, "However, there are good arguments to be made that the next recession will not happen this year, and when it does happen will be milder than the previous two recessions. As always, the future is unknown, and there’s a bull case and bear case. As investors debate the possibility of a recession, here are some important points to consider..."


Via MM issue #66, I ripped on the FIRE movement. Basically, a desire (mostly, by disenfranchised and put-in-the-effort-first traumatized millennials) for independence outside the boundaries of what "tradition" or time-worn retirement approaches have advocated. I can get on-board with some of its philosophy — i.e., such as prioritizing life around experiences in lieu of accruing "stuff" — however, like anything taken to the edges of contextual absolutes, there are indeed things to critically consider.

+ As Khe Hy, in this post, rightly observes: "Yes, in theory you could move out of your beloved (but expensive) city, cram into a tiny 425 square foot apartment, and buy discarded brown bananas for your smoothies – but the opportunity cost would be unbearable... Financial [security] and taking epic ski trips seem fundamentally at odds with one another. How on earth do you balance today’s enjoyment while being responsible about your future commitments?"

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♦ Earn a Living Online ♦

My friend and industry colleague, Matt Wolfe, had a recent health scare. And in his most dire moments, he knew he had to simplify his business. I give him major thumbs up for his strategic-thinking around these three steps.

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They're spot on for anybody who doesn't enjoy and/or doesn't feel they can optimize the myriad of intricacies in running an in-house published information-products company.

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[More from Louis James / aka Lobo Tiggre] In reference to the fundamentals for one of the most widely used and vital industrial commodities (copper), "It’s important to understand that the world can not suddenly find an alternative to copper. Yes, aluminum carries electricity, but not as well as copper, and it’s not as suitable for things like in-house wiring and electric motor windings. As the world moves deeper into the new energy paradigm, it will need more and more copper. There is no substitute."

+ What if there was a cooper "management company" of sorts; one that specializes in funding and consolidating the portfolios of low-risk cooper assets... a company you can invest in? Well there is. If you're a paid-up M4i member, see my write-up Invest In The Metal of The Future.


“Okay, Marge, if anyone asks: You require 24-hour nursing care, Lisa's a clergyman, Maggie is seven people, and Bart was wounded in Vietnam.”Homer Simpson, doing last-minute taxes.

+ First, don’t do your taxes last minute. Second, if you want to know how much you’ll owe (or, fingers crossed, get back), you can start now, via Nerdwallet’s Federal Tax Calculator (it will take a whole 30-seconds).

Quote of The Week:

“Life is a struggle and the potential for failure is ever present, but those who live in fear of failure, or hardship, or embarrassment will never achieve their potential. Without pushing your limits, without occasionally sliding down the rope headfirst, without daring greatly, you will never know what is truly possible in your life.”

Admiral McRaven (from this incredible 15-minute speech)

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