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In this newsletter, we explore a common challenge many of our clients struggle with, a fresh perspective on exercise AND we've got a tasty seasonal recipe you are going to love. Here is what you will find below:

  • Overeating at Night? Solutions for Curbing the Habit of Nighttime Eating
  • Why I Ran My First (and Maybe My Last Half-Marathon)
  • Baked Tomatoes Provencal Recipe

Finding yourself overwhelmed when it comes to healthy eating? We won't expect you to eat perfectly, but instead offer you simple tips for better health and meal planning success. We can also help you feel better about your relationship with food through a non-dieting philosophy and learn to love the body you live in. Simply hit reply to this email and lets arrange a time to speak privately (you can also phone me at 403-301-4106 or 1-800-268-9487).

We specialize in meal planning, weight concerns, emotional eating, eating disorders, sports nutrition, diabetes, high cholesterol, digestive concerns and more. Contact me so we can discuss your goals or health concerns and which Dietitian on our team is the best fit for your goals.

We look forward to continuing to serve you locally in Calgary and also virtually through our growing digital practice.


Andrea Holwegner CEO, RD "The Chocoholic Nutritionist"

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Overeating at Night? Solutions for Curbing the Habit of Nighttime Eating


The Top 3 Evening Snacking Mistakes and What to Do About Them

Regardless if you are coming home stressed out after a long workday, unwinding after you put your kids to bed or watching TV, snacking in the evening is part of life. But what can you do to curb the habit of nighttime eating and overeating in the evening?

WATCH Andrea's TV Interviews on Healthy Evening Snack Attacks


Why I Ran My First (and Maybe My Last) Half Marathon


By Sports Nutritionist and Online Dietitian Jana Spindler


As a self-proclaimed gym rat…what was I doing??

Joyful movement to me, is moving my body in a non-judgemental way that is fun and makes me feel good. It does not feel like something that must be done or is a way to burn calories, but rather is something I look forward to and gives me all those feel good endorphins.

The ways that I enjoy moving my body continue to evolve each year and each season of my life. There was a long time, that I was happiest on the basketball court and would spend hours a day there. After retirement from basketball, my time shifted to lifting weights and lifting even heavier weights. Then when I moved to Calgary I discovered my love for hiking in the mountains. Now don’t get me wrong, I still whole heartedly love playing basketball, hiking and lifting weights when I am in the mood, but recently, I have added to my repertoire. I started running more. And I liked it. So I ran further and that felt good, so I kept going.

What was working for me?

Baked Tomatoes Provencal Recipe


Healthy Vegetable Side Dish for Breaded Baked Tomatoes

One of the most attractive, tastiest and easy to make side dishes that are always a hit! These pair well with any poultry, meat, fish, vegetarian or egg dish for brunch or supper. The key for flavour is choosing high quality seasonal tomatoes in the summer and fall or local hothouse tomatoes in the winter.


Improve health, meal planning success and move towards your personal best weight (still eating foods you love!)

The Pursuit of Healthiness™ is a comprehensive self-study training program ​designed to help you eat well and still have a life. This is not just a course, it is a nutrition club with lifetime access to mentorship, support, and connections with other people in similar situations.

If you have ever felt stuck, defeated, stressed, too busy or overwhelmed when it comes to the topic of healthy eating, you are not alone. As a Registered Dietitian for close to 20 years, I have worked with thousands of individuals, parents and employees that want to look and feel better each day.

I’ve been listening to your goals, interests and challenges. I have an idea of where you have been stuck or what caused you to fall off the wagon. I’ve been studying solutions to help you overcome these roadblocks and move forward with confidence. With this insight, I have created a one-of-a-kind ​signature training program and nutrition club that will serve my mission to help as many people as possible achieve health without guilt or complexity. Join me!

~ Andrea Holwegner RD "The Chocoholic Nutritionist"

Learn More!

We specialize in the achievement of health without guilt or complexity. Since 2000, our Calgary nutritionists have offered nutrition counselling, professional speaking, educational resources, media expertise as well as food and grocery industry consulting. We also offer a one of a kind online nutrition course "The Pursuit of Healthiness" for individuals and employees looking to achieve better health, energy and move towards your personal best weight (still enjoying foods you love).

We stand for balanced living and no unnecessary food restrictions. You can count on us for healthy eating advice that always saves room for your favorites.

Live Deliciously,

The Dietitians at Health Stand Nutrition

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