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This month at the Institute for Cultural Communicators...

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The Summer Institute is On!

That's right - your student can be a part of the Summer Institute at one of the ICC Training Center in Nashville!

At all versions of PREP this summer, students will "pursue responsibility with excellence purposefully" as they move toward vibrant transformation.

We're prepping a safe and healthy environment for your students to thrive in this Summer! For extra caution, spaces at PREP will be limited, so make your summer plans now and sign up today!

Membership Enrollment and Renewal through May 20!

ICC has been raising up next-generation leaders by training students in the vital skills they need to succeed for over 20 years.

Now, there's never been a more perfect time to be a part of ICC's enlarging global community! Extraordinary transformations are happening in the Institute, including expanding our digital reach and creating genuine connections across cultures.

Current members: Look for a link from your Chapter Sponsor to renew your family's membership for the 2020-2021 year!

Not yet an ICC member? Now's the time to help create extraordinary leaders in your home! Learn more about membership enrollment today.

Our Final 2020 Virtual Tournament!

What an extraordinary ICCFS season we've had! We've been practicing what the greatest minds on the planet are doing right now to come together globally and cross-culturally to solve a real world problem. Our virtual tournaments have been an opportunity for us to practice on a global scale, too!

On May 15th (or May 14th in the US), East Asia will be hosting our final virtual tournament of the season.

We hope to see you and your students on Zoom with us to wrap up our "local" tournaments of 2020!

EA Virtual Tournaments

Don't forget:

As a thank-you for your support of our innovation and social responsibility during this season, all YSG2/3/Guild students who participate fully in our Virtual Tournaments will receive an invitation to participate in our ICCFS 2020 Championship!

International Convention 2020

Speaking of International Championship.... watch your inbox soon for big news regarding iCON 2020!

iCON 2020

Are You Ready for Q3?


The third quarter of the ICC Academy opens for *discounted* registration on May 27th. Mark your calendar to grab your seats!

Whether you are a coach or a student, Q3 has something for you!

Psst. If your student is interested in Student Leadership in the Institute, it's the perfect time to have them complete some of their prerequisites.

Don't forget -
Vision-Led Volunteer training for adults and leaders is now open for registration in the ICC Academy!


Not in an ICC Chapter?
Get Award-Winning Curriculum

Did you know ICC offers online curriculum for students getting started with public speaking?

Easy-to-follow lesson plans are included in each of these options, which are designed for groups:

  • Beginning Public Speaking: for elementary-aged or ESL students
  • Reason to Speak: for students ages 11-13
  • EXPRESS: for students ages 14+ or those who have completed A Reason to Speak

Registration for these is now open through June 3rd! Choose the best option for your students today.

Online Intermediate

We hope to see you at an event or in class soon!

Remember: We all have ups and downs. The question is: "Are we continuing to move closer to the goal?"

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