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Last week's tearjerker tribute, by Budweiser to the gentleman's gentleman of basketball, caused me to reflect beyond what I wrote here about it.

If you click and take the time to read (and watch), you will undoubtedly realize I'm a sentimental (maybe even sensitive) guy.

But, when I stop to think about why that tribute works, it's easy: Because teamwork works. Because there truly is nothing more invaluable than collaboration & community. Thank you for being part of ours.

In this Issue:

  • Money Flows
  • Time For Tech?
  • Loan Hacking

♦ The #1 "Tax Loophole" ♦

  • Card vs Card
  • The Time Paradox
  • Quote of the Week

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Or, as Dr. Joe Vitale is found of saying: Money likes speed. In other words, the dinero is just a measuring stick for your own ability to properly 'get sheeit done!" It likes you to battle through your own excuses and whinny yeah-but... attitude. (i.e., "Yeah, but... I don’t have the education, the experience, time, ____ "- fill in any excuse). The ingenious Seth Godin, in episode #7 of his Akimbo podcast, writes:

+ "Money is always moving. Even that money in your mattress. It's moving because everyday it is worth less that it was when you put it there. If you put [it] in the right place, it grows. Put it in the wrong place, it decreases in value. The entire nature of our economy is based on what's called The Velocity of money." [to dive into this further, listen into Seth's 30-min spiel via the link above].


That's what Brian Bolan, from Zacks Research, was asking last week. And, without a lot of time-wasting drivel, I'll wrap up the answer very succinctly for ya: Yes, yes... yes it is. It always will be time for disruption and human change. Tech is what drives that. More on how to monitor it after Brian makes a key point:

+ "Consumers are adding tech toys to more and more areas of our lives. It's not just cell phones; we have smart watches, virtual reality devices such as Facebook's Oculus Rift, and smart home devices like the Amazon Echo or Google Home. (In his letter to shareholders last April, Jeff Bezos noted that his company can't keep Echo devices in stock." The tech and telecom sector of the S&P 500 is broadly represented through this ETF: XLK (it's worth permanently adding to your watch list).


In last week's Money Monday (Issue X), I talked about how the wealthy utilize debt. One way I mentioned is to use OPM (Other People's Money) to purchase an asset that produces positive cash-flow (or will in the future, due to your involvement). Or, if you have a current business that needs a fast-cash injection, it's important you have access to multiple sources of liquid capital.

+ As mentioned in the first bullet above, opportunity and time aren't always mutual friends. Our industry colleagues at Evergreen Profits recently experimented with a way to use PayPal to accomplish this very thing. Here's Joe Fier giving you the quick rundown...

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♦ The #1 “Tax Loophole” ♦

Taking legal steps to reduce your taxes is the highest return on investment you'll ever make. I'll go so far to say it's your moral duty to do so. In the forthcoming Money Revealed docu-series (full episodes available April 23rd), you can watch dozens of 'in the know' wealthy people talk about specific actions that will also get you to tax rate zero.

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Sticking with today's cash-flow and access-to-money theme, sometimes all it takes is a shift in your APR for that "good" debt (you aren't using it for consumptive - bad - items, riiiight?). One great way to cut down your research time for lessening that burden is to use Lending Tree's CompareCards tool. You can filter by category (i.e., Reward cards, cash-back, balance transfers, business, etc).


"There is a church in Italy named The Santa Maria della Concezione." Tony Isola, here, continues to inform us that the associated crypt has this inscription: What you are, they once were. What they are, you will be. It reminds me of the Latin phrase Memento Mori (remember you must die). Yes, this physical life can be very fleeting. Let's not be in denial about that.

+ Tony ends his own reminder with "Keep this in mind the next time you spend a milli-second of your most valuable asset worrying about the slope of the yield curve, Brexit, Chinese trade deals or what some idiot on twitter said about you."

Quote of The Week:

“Sports are the place where you get introduced to the real world. It’s where you learn that everyone is not going to succeed, that you have to work for what you get, and that the other team is trying to win, too.”

- Gary Cantrell (aka Lazarus Lake), the creator of the world's toughest race.

Until next Monday...

Your Partner In The Quest For
Living a Life Without Limits,

- Barry Goss
Managing Editor, Money Monday

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