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Dangers of Button Batteries

Button batteries are used in all sorts of toys, kitchen devices and domestic appliances. They are tiny, round objects that are easily swallowed by small mouths. However, if ingested by a little one they can prove fatal.

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Next Dates for Practical First Aid Courses

6-hour Emergency First Aid at Work and Paediatric course: Friday 23rd August (1 space left), Wednesday 28th August (FULL), Friday 30th August (2 spaces left), Saturday 31st August (FULL) Wednesday 4th September, Friday 6th September, Saturday 7th September, Friday 13th September, Wednesday 18th September, Saturday 21st September, Friday 27th September, Saturday 28th September.

3-hour Emergency courses: Saturday 14th September, Wednesday 2nd October, Saturday 5th October, Friday 11th October, Wednesday 23rd October, Saturday 2nd November, Friday 15th November, Saturday 30th November, Wednesday 4th December.

First Aid for Dogs:Thursday 5th September (just 5 places left) Saturday 12th October, Friday 29th November. All from 1.30 to 4.30 pm.

First Aid for Teenagers: Thursday 24th October (October half term) - or arrange your own course with a group of friends or family and we'll come and teach where and when it suits you!

3-day blended FAW: Tuesday 24th and Wednesday 25th September 2019

Check for last minute availability or contact us if there is a specific date you need.

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Laundry & dishwasher tablets

Nearly half of store-bought liquid laundry capsules are kept within reach of children. Due to their design being fun and attractive, babies and children can be tempted to use them as toys or edibles. Yet the chemicals inside can burn or poison if ingested.

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Watch Emma demonstrate first aid for a choking dog to Talkradio's Mike Graham last Wednesday!


Feedback of the week comes from YouTuber ParadymShift who has been enjoying our channel featuring 300+ videos on YouTube. We've got over 2 million views and over 5000 subscribers. Plus, this summer we've filmed dozens of new videos which are being uploaded every other day.

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We have a new series 60 Second First Aid which is our most concise yet!

Fingers in ears

Seasonal Canine Illness

This debilitating illness has no known cure and harms beloved pets, even causing some fatalities, every autumn. The outcome is much improved if you are able to recognise signs and symptoms in your dog as quickly as possible.

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