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Welcome back, Barry.

A little reminder before you start link-diving today:

Nobody will ever care about your $$ more than you. Nor should they. No ONE program, expert, club, system, course, or high-level mastermind is going to get you to the "getting rich" promise land.

Regardless of who is behind it. (Especially if they're not focused on doing ONE thing well, and for the right reasons).

If there's ONE thing you can take to the bank, it's THAT ;;)

In this Issue:

  • Getting Rich
  • Slumach's Gold

♦ WEED-tirement ♦

  • What A Fool Believes
  • Best HSA
  • Filter Failure
  • Quote of the Week

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The MM Mission:To sift-through investment / finance-focused articles, news, resources... then send you short-digestible commentary, insights, and wisdom that can be practical and useful to your bottom-line.


There’s a savant of sorts running around Silicon Valley. Part scientist, part startup advisor, and part deep-thinking philosopher, Naval Ravikant combines those traits to make great things happen with all he touches.

+ Like anything in life (wealth included), it all starts with Principles — those fundamental hard-to-argue-with observations about life we all need to base our approach off of. Mr. “Tech Buddha” himself created a recent tweetstorm about how wealth-creation works. Here’s a quick clip of him cliff-noting it with Joe Rogan.


"Adam Palmer has spent 10 years chasing a tantalizing legend — even though it comes with a curse. Every summer for the past decade, [he] has spent weeks scouring the mountains near Pitt Lake, B.C., in search of a mythic lost mine known as Slumach's gold." That from Brad Badelt a few weeks ago. Not an actionable link for you. Just another interesting testament to how some peeps enjoy the thrill of the hunt.

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Exclusive “WEED-tirement”Plan:
Next Payout Coming January 10th

WEED-tirement image

With all the growth in the pot industry you can bet that more than a few people are getting rich.

But a small group of over 13,000 Americans are using a special strategy to collect payouts as high as $1,529.07 per month!

It’s NOT some risky penny stock or an option investing strategy. In fact, it’s THE safest way to get your money into the exploding pot industry.

Click here for the full details...

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Inspired by the quintessential Yacht Rock song "What a Fool Believes" (Michael McDonald), another Michael (Antonelli ) writes: "A fool believes that investing is more important than personal finance (inspired by my friend Morgan Housel): Control what you can control. In fact obsess over it. You can control your savings and spending but you cannot control what the stock market does. Like my blogging partner said, don't chase risk in the market. Instead focus on your side of the equation where you can get immense leverage. Don't neglect the things you have DIRECT control over."


"A good way to save for future medical expenses, like in retirement, is through a health savings account. With HSAs, pretax dollars go in, grow tax-free, and are withdrawn tax-free as long as they’re spent on qualified medical costs. It’s the most tax-advantaged savings vehicle in the tax code." That's an excerpt from Leo Acheson's preface to Morningstar Research Services' ranking of the best HSA providers. "Fidelity emerged as the front-runner." Two others worth looking at are listed here...


I think its a safe bet to say, Barry, that you're still reading this once-a-week newsletter because you value your time, and attention to useful "money stuff." Artful curation, after all, implies that the curator must be damn good at sifting gems from the garbage out there (I hope I am meeting your expectation on that front. If so, do let me know here).

+ This reminds me of what American writer and expert on internet technologies, Clay Shirky, once said: "There's no such thing as information overload. There's only filter failure." I have founded several online products over the past decade whose sole purpose is to circumvent that failure rate for my subscribers / members. A grand majority of the population doesn't know how to filter out the gems from the garbage. It's why I am here to help.

Quote of The Week:

“Between life’s stimuli and our habitual responses exists choice.”

Ken Wilber

Until next Monday...

Your Partner In The Quest For
Living a Life Without Limits,

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