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Tuesday 8th October 2019 (Fortnightly Edition)

Hallo again from Team-ei: the top half is bringing you news from inside our network, and bottom half is our Knowledge Dashboard - curated snippets to keep you smart and up to speed.



The comment media continue to be as indispensable and fractious as ever - rather like politics and public life. Long-time eiNetwork members may be wondering about this year’s Comment Awards, forgetting that we are taking a break after a decade. But for those missing the passion and people of comment, fear not: we have published this collection of essays which has just been called in by The Agency for the Legal Deposit Libraries which operates on behalf of five legal deposit libraries, these being the University libraries at Cambridge, Oxford and Trinity College in Dublin and the National Libraries of Scotland and Wales. Contributors include Justine Roberts, Dylan Jones, Rachel Johnson, Gisela Stuart, Anthony Seldon, Claire Fox, Yasmin Alibhai-Brown and Stephanie Flanders. Order your copy here.



If you aren’t sure what the eiClub is (if you are reading this you are a member of the eiNetwork, not yet the Club) then perhaps come and see what it is all about. Our next breakfast is on Monday 21st October, in association with The Trouble Club whose hostess-with-the-mostest Joy Lo Dico will chair a discussion on 'The Economy, Stupid', with four brilliant women who will give their perspective: Commentator Christina Patterson; Demos’ chief Polly Mackenzie; economist Vicky Pryce; and ‘the voice of women’s wealth’ #BeautifullyDifferent, Founder Anna Sofat.

To book your place today, contact Shanice.



The eiClub Thought for the Day breakfasts, open to eiClub members and their guests, is already forward planning for 2020 and we are delighted to announce that the Sunday Times Business commentator Mrs Moneypenny, aka Heather McGregor CBE, Executive Director of Edinburgh Business School, will join us for an In Conversation, and that our annual “Pre Davos Predictions” panel will happen in January. Confirmed speakers already include Tracy Blackwell, Chief Executive of Pension Insurance Corporation . Join the Club before 1st November and you can pay £250.00 for the year all-in *and* get a special book gift in time for Christmas.

For further information contact Shanice.




Editorial Intelligence works with The Pew Trusts who are partners on the excellent Initiative with The Economist Group. If you are interesting in exploring the use of facts and data in decision-making, head to the website and download a dizzying array of, well, data and facts. Click here to find out more.



We love our network and celebrate their glory. And there is hardly a more glorious long term member than Viv Groskop. From journalist to stand-up comedian (no jokes please) to best-selling writer and now podcaster her podcast How to Own the Room has become super successful. In room-owning style, we so liked what Viv does that we pinched her producer Kate Taylor, to executive produce some of our own auditorial intelligence podcasts. Here’s to you, Viv.



ei’s founder Julia Hobsbawm is hard at work finishing her new book The Simplicity Principle. Her deadline happens to be the entire country’s deadline, yes: 31st October. Julia is going to resurrect the neglected 1950’s KISS Principle and argue that in a complex world there is only one thing for it: Keep it Simple. The irony, as she tells us, is “Writing a book about simplicity is awfully hard”. Watch this space. Network members will of course get a discount. Publication is April from Kogan Page.

Arts, Culture & Design

READ LONG: This year is the 25th anniversary of the first series of Friends airing on American TV, and for old fans it has become so familiar that some use it as an aid to sleep at night. Read more about this here.

READ SHORT: This article published in National Geographic goes back to Jordan in the Bronze Age and looks at the influence of the Romans that can still be seen today.

LISTEN: The Open Ears Project is a new podcast which invites guests to share a classical piece of music which means something to them. Guests have included Ian McEwan and Alec Baldwin! Find out their favourite pieces and why here by giving it a listen.

WATCH: Keep up to date with the shows from Milan Fashion Week on the British Vogue website, where you can view an exhaustive list of all of the collections that have been featured.

LEARN: Learn what it’s like to be a 16-year-old in New York right now with this video which follows them around the streets of the Big Apple.

EVENTS: As part of the London Design Festival 2019, the Design Museum is displaying the work of Yuri Suzuki whose interactive pieces combine innovative designs with sound installations.

Business & Economics

READ LONG: The University of California system announced recently that they are ending investments in fossil fuels. Read more about it here.

READ SHORT: Hot-desking is a means of treating workers like drones, argues the Economist. What do you think?

LISTEN: How I Built This is a podcast in which real success stories are told and applauded. Hosted by Guy Raz, give it a listen now and get inspired!

WATCH: Attend a talk at Tate Modern in October in which five women in the Design industry discuss under-representation in their field along with the promotion of their new book. Get tickets now.

LEARN: Learn how to push back on internal limitations and allow creativity to blossom by attending the Craigberoch Deceleration Launch Lab for a week in November. Perfect for anyone working in a large corporation and wanting to recharge your creativity, find out more about the retreat here.

EVENTS: Visit the Turning the Tables Conference on November 29th to hear from young people who have suffered through extremely difficult life experiences, and get to know what they have to share with business and organisational leaders about diversity and how to deal with change. Click here to book your ticket now!

Digital & Thechnology

READ LONG: MIT Media Lab reveals issues with a research project after four researchers claim that sponsors were lied to about the project and their product’s efficiency. Read more here.

READ SHORT: The consumption of news and media online means that organisations know what their readers are interested in. But a new report claims that 71% of the public attempt to avoid news coverage relating to Brexit. This article in Project Syndicate tries to answer why this is.

LISTEN: Nick Cave is using the internet as a platform to reach out to people in need. The musician has created a platform for online intimacy by inviting anyone to ask a question that he will attempt to answer in a weekly blog post. Listen to his advice!

WATCH: Watch this Vice video which follows the efforts of a number of College students from around the US working together to try and launch a rocket into space!

LEARN: Ever wondered why teenagers don’t seem to be able to pry their eyes from their phones? This New Yorker article explores the addictive nature of the app TikTok and how its creators have their consumers glued to the screen.

EVENTS: Artist Heather Dewey-Hagborn’s new exhibition at the Photographer’s Gallery uses digital technology in order to reinterpret her own image and the concept of the photographic portrait.

Politics & World Affairs

READ LONG: Talking to Strangers is the new book by Malcolm Gladwell exploring our relationships with the people we don’t know and the problems that arise when these interactions go wrong.

READ SHORT: If you fancy learning more about Gladwell (above) before getting your hands on a copy of his new book, here is Sean O’Hagan’s interview with the author for the Guardian.

LISTEN: Historians on Housewives brings together scholars from different fields to discuss the phenomenon that is ‘The Housewives’, a series of reality TV shows created by Bravo. Give it a listen here!

WATCH: Dialect coach Erik Singer analyses the idiolects of actors playing real people in this video for WIRED, detailing how accents and voices are shaped in the posture of one’s mouth. Check it out here!

LEARN: Bestselling author Charles Handy asks questions about the next generation and what they should expect from the world in his new book 21 Letters on Life and its Challenges. Learn about how he has used his own life experiences in an attempt to help us answer these questions here.

EVENTS: Book now to attend the event this Sunday at Conway Hall which uncovers the issues of toxic masculinity in our society and what we can do to combat stereotypes of manhood.

Science & Medicine

READ LONG: The yearly 9/11 tribute lights are endangering birds by leading them away from their migration paths. Scientists and volunteers are working together to try and keep the tradition going without putting birds at risk.

READ SHORT: Who knew lemons could be used to replace deodorant! Jane Larkworthy discusses her discovery of this natural alternative in this quick read for The Cut.

LISTEN: If you’re looking for a podcast with a refreshing view on the way pop culture is shaping our perceptions of mental illness and ‘madness’, then look no further than Mad Chat!

WATCH: Why has LA reservoir been covered by millions of black balls and what are they there for? Find out in this video published by Veritasium.

LEARN: The Waterstones bookshop on Gower Street are hosting an exhibition of Camila Cavalcante’s photographs which depict portraits of women in Brazil who have experienced or witnessed illegal abortions. Fifty women have shared their stories and will feature in the exhibition.

EVENTS: The Wellcome Collection’s new permanent exhibition ‘Being Human’ explores what it is to lie as we do in the 21st Century. It includes works by a number of different artists, including a sculpture designed by Tasha Marks which smells of breast milk!

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