The Science of Stress:  How Our Emotions Affect Our Susceptibility to Burnout & Disease
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Dr. Joe's Newsletter: April 6th, 2019

New Measurements, New Possibilities: Part l


New Measurements, New Possibilities - Part 1 


At the conclusion of each advanced Week Long event, my team and I always wonder if it’s really possible for us to witness even greater degrees of transformation, miracles, and personal change, yet two weeks ago in Bonn, Germany, just over 1400 people from 43 countries (with an additional 93 countries represented in our live stream) participated in what has to date been our most outstanding Week Long event we’ve ever hosted. From the outset the group as a collective was very focused, very sincere, and very willing. In addition, I personally felt like I articulated a lot of the information better than in the past, not to mention in as many ways as possible.


What made the event so great was that day after day we gave our students numerous opportunities to overcome themselves and connect to the field, all the while building a greater and greater level of understanding. The energy of the group kept rising until we reached a new pinnacle by the end of the week. As a result, many mystical experiences, new creations, and profound healings occurred within our student body:

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The Science of Hypnosis: Part 1



"What would you do if you knew you couldn't fail? Success and happiness, I believe, are created by certain ways of thinking and acting." 


Paul McKenna is the most popular hypnotherapist in the world, and the UK’s most successful non-fiction author.


Over the past twenty years he has helped millions of people lose weight, quit smoking, overcome insomnia, eliminate stress, and increase their self-confidence.


He has sold 10 million books including I can make you thin, I can make you rich, and I can make you happy, which recently reached number one in the UK.  


Here is Part 1 of Brian Rose's most recent interview with him on the London Real Podcast: watch video







The Science of Stress: How Our Emotions Affect Our Susceptibility to Burnout & Disease

The Science of Stress and How Our Emotions Affect Our Susceptibility to Burnout and Disease


Long before scientists began shedding light on how our minds and bodies actually affect one another, an intuitive understanding of this dialogue between the body and the emotions, or feelings, emerged and permeated our very language: We use “ sick” as a grab-bag term for both the sensory symptoms — fever, fatigue, nausea — and the psychological malaise, woven of emotions like sadness and apathy.


Pre-modern medicine, in fact, has recognized this link between disease and emotion for millennia. Ancient Greek, Roman, and Indian Ayurvedic physicians all enlisted the theory of the four humors — blood, yellow bile, black bile, and phlegm — in their healing practices, believing that imbalances in these four visible secretions of the body caused disease and were themselves often caused by the emotions: read article







Right Foot Forward - CON EL PIE DERECHO

Right Foot Forward - CON EL PIE DERECHO


CON EL PIE DERECHO is a way of denoting optimism in Spanish. It means "right foot forward" which is also the only limb that Victoria, the subject of this wonderful film, has to use.  Remarkably, despite her seeming hardship, Victoria says that nothing is missing in her life.


This is a short documentary film about perspective and attitude.  It is a celebration of one shining individual who has never let the conditions in her life define her.  It is about optimism and about always seeing the brighter side of life.  Enjoy!: watch video







From our students from around the world:

Lorna's Testimonial   Joe's Testimonial #2
Lorna's Testimonial   Joe's Testimonial #2
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