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My friend Dr. Terry Tillaart writes:

"I hear people complaining all the time about their health, their finances, their relationships etc...

"When you confront them with questions about what they have been doing to remedy the problem, it's always radio silence.

"What books have you been reading about the subject? What professionals have you been consulting for solutions? Which courses have you enrolled in? Silence, silence, silence and more silence...."

His point? Well, it is nicely tied to this issues Quote of the Week. Hint: It's about prioritized effort.

In this Issue:

  • Net Worth Mentality
  • Dividend King
  • The $37K Latte

♦ Piggyback Option Trades ♦

  • Lobo
  • Full Contact
  • Quote of the Week

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"Keep up the amazing work. You guys do a great job and provide such amazing content." - Paid-up M4 Insider member, Mel Price


Chris Reining, a self-made millionaire who retired early at age 37, once told told Business Insider. "The definition of being rich is having assets generating income that exceed your standard of living. Someone earning $50,000 a year while they sleep from dividends and investment gains and spending $40,000 a year — they're rich. I have friends earning half a million, and with private schools, second homes, and expensive lifestyles, they have nothing in their bank account — they're poor. That's why 'rich' has little to do with how big the paycheck is."

+ For more on this subject, including a guide to help you make a shift from a paycheck to a net worth mentality, check out this post from Brett Mckay.


"The Dividend Aristocrats are among the highest-quality stocks an investor can buy for the long-term. The Dividend Kings are even more impressive. While the Dividend Aristocrats have raised their dividends for at least 25 consecutive years, the Dividend Kings have maintained 50+ years of dividend growth." Here, Nick Mccullum reveals the name of a global multi-industrial manufacturer that has increased its dividend for 55 consecutive years, including a 28% increase in 2018.

+ There's nothing wrong with selectively hand-picking Dividend Aristocrats for income. However, I would caution anyone not to conflate that avenue with a pure hands-off index approach to longer-term investing. The former rewards YOU for your own choices. The latter, not so much, as you'll only get what the market is willing to give you.


Seth Godin writes, "If you live in the city and grab a coffee or a snack every afternoon for about $4, it’s a vivid example of the cost of debt. You’re either a little behind or a little ahead. Over ten years, if you’re funding that daily purchase with ongoing credit card debt, at $1,000 a year, it’ll cost you $24,408.40, and you might never find the means to repay the debt. On the other hand, if that same $1,000 went into a low-cost investment fund [M4i login required] that paid about 7% a year, you’d end up with $13,816.45 in the bank."

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♦ Piggyback Option Trades ♦

Trading options on stocks doesn’t have to be as “alien” as it may appear.

I Know several people who made a commitment, through thousands of dollars in dedicated option trading education, to learn this very niche trading craft.

When done right, you’ll have incredible leveraging power, limited risk with higher potential returns, and consistent income strategies at your disposal. If interested, keep reading below...

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I’ll be kicking off an exclusive area inside M4 Insider (M4i) that will show what I’m doing to grow a small ($3,500) options-trading account. Of course, this will be an evergreen listing inside M4i, and will be announced as part of our forthcoming February M4i Journal

But, if you'd like access ahead of time; if you'd like to leverage off my own learning and tap into two go-to services I'm using to place my trades, click here to indicate your interest.

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He might have a funny name, but Mr. Lobo Tiggre (aka Louis James) also has an evil plan: To help you earn a lot of dough in the high-reward / speculative world of resource-investments. And, if there's anyone out there whom has the pedigree to help you navigate it, it IS Lobo. He, to me, is the equivalent of the Luke Skywalker of Resource Investing, as he was mentored by legendary speculator Doug Casey (that industry's Yoda). Check out Lobo in the raw via his first-ever live Q&A session...


In today's digital-economy, you especially need the one thing I always peach about: Context. Yup, the little nuances in life, the grey areas, the specifics of non-absolutes, are where the magic is. And, when it comes to your contacts, sorting and selecting is essential. This nifty Chrome extension "will populate your contact’s info by scraping their social profiles from across the web. You can then add individual tags which will automatically update the Gmail contact labels."

+ That is from millennial productivity guru Khe Hy (Yup, that IS his name) who also adds this important caveat: "This framework is meant to be a tool, not your master. And when it comes to genuine relationships, inauthenticity can be sniffed out from a mile away. A database is not a substitute for curiosity and being invested in others. But it is a wonderful tool to enhance our social connections and to be a part of the magic that ensues."

Quote of The Week:

"I find it fascinating that most people plan their vacation with better care than they do their lives. Perhaps that is because escape is easier than change." ~ The late, great Jim Rohn

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