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'Covid safe' practical courses available now!

We are operating to the very tightest infection control and social distancing measures to keep everyone safe.

Our socially distanced open courses are booking up fast with loads of people needing essential training as they return to work - we are adding new dates all the time, so please keep checking our site.

For bespoke, group courses, please email

Loads of online and blended first aid courses on &

PLUS our updated online Condensed EFAW with Covid-19 Updates course to ensure your first aiders are fully up to speed with all the latest information on infection control and first aid in the Covid-19 environment - use the code august25 to get 25% off during the month of August

sleep tips

First Aid for Bites and Stings

and a guide as what might haven bitten you?

Everyone has suffered from that incredibly itchy bite that keeps you awake at night. Although some people seem far more susceptible to bites and some experience spectacular and occasionally life-threatening reactions. This guide gives you a general overview as to what might have got you and suggestions as to the best way to treat the bites and stings to make them more bearable and less of an ordeal.

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cycle safely

19 Proven Ways to Reduce Stress and Anxiety

Prolonged stress is bad for us. It raises our cortisol levels. Stress can manifest itself as a physical and mental health problem. Stress causes an increase in cortisol levels, which leaves us in a continual state of alertness, ready to jump into a fight, flight or fright response. This prolonged rise in cortisol levels is not good for us. It can result in high blood pressure and puts additional pressure on the blood vessels in the heart and brain. Prolonged stress can lead to structural changes in the brain too

Many people suffer from stress headaches, heart burn, back ache, they are unable to sleep and are more prone to infections as stress interferes with their immune system. Stress can increase their blood sugar as it causes your liver to release glucose, it can adversely affect your sexual performance, make you more at risk of a heart attack or stroke and contribute to mental health problems.

Read our article to learn more about underlying causes of stress in our lives and read proven tips to help reduce the burden.

We have produced a highly acclaimed, comprehensive Mental Health First Aid course covering adult and young people mental health. Consisting of videos, step by step directions, infographics and test yourself sections. Equivalent to 8 hours of verifiable CPD -

use the code august25 to get 25% off during the month of August

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first aid course feedback

Thank you for the great feedback Amelie! Get in touch today by emailing to arrange the perfect course for you!

online first aid

Be sure to visit to refresh your first aid skills, it has never been more important to be able to look after yourself and your family!

Also great for CPD, Teenage First Aid, Mental Health First Aid, Regulated First Aid at Work Refreshers and Appointed Person qualifications.

If you need a first aid qualification urgently, please contact us

Individuals can now book on scheduled practical courses - be quick, they are going fast:


The following dates are suitable for those needing essential First Aid training, including Emergency First Aid at Work and Paediatric First Aid:

21st August: 1 space

22nd August: Full

26th August: Full

28th August: Few spaces

29th August: Few spaces

1st September: Spaces

4th September: Spaces

5th September: Spaces

10th September - 3 hour course: spaces

3 day blended FAW / 2 day re-qualifier - 21st and 22nd September

We operate a waiting list for all our courses - please email if there is a particular date you need - spaces do become available!

New courses are being added all the time - keep checking or send us an email!

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We have been awarded 'UK - Training Provider of the Year' in the ACQ5 Global Awards 2020.

Stay Safe Community

The Stay Safe Community is a free, supportive online community, helping you & your loved ones stay safe & healthy whilst isolating First Aid and accident prevention tips and advice.

Come and join us.

For anything else or to book a group bespoke course - contact our friendly team

020 8675 4036

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