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On Thanksgiving I sent out an email to M4 Insider members, not so much with a typical greeting of gratitude (like everyone else did); but to mostly prompt them to ensure they tap into our longstanding ‘High-Yield Wealth - From the Inside Out' series.


Simply because, through much experience, I know until your internals are straight, or tuned-up, finding the "next BIG thing" OUT THERE (even if we present it) will be moot. Don't have access to the above series? If not, you can always read our front-end MIND posts here...

In this Issue:

  • Picture Perfect Profits
  • Pound Foolish
  • Active is Dead?


  • Greatest Enemy
  • The College Conspiracy
  • Quote of The Week

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A David Hockney painting sold at Christie’s on November 8th for $90.3 million, shattering the auction record for a living artist. But, here's the good news: You don't have to be SUPER RICH to get in this game. First, you learn a few quick secrets. Then, you simply read our M4 Insider-accessible report, Picture Perfect Profits, which will show you multiple ways to buy and invest in the fine art market. Some with as little as $100.


The above ending to a 500-year old expression, you probably know, starts with "Penny Wise." (And, no, I'm not referring to Steven King's psycho clown -aka Pennywise). To me, the full expression is simply the equivalent of our brains getting in their own way when it comes to scrimping on money; or fussing over little details while losing sight of the big picture.

+ You know the saying Time Is Money? Well, this quick story will put it all in perspective... maybe in not the most "nice" way. Nevertheless, if you know people who tend to focus on the trees so much that they can't see the forest, click above to read the short story.


In my recently blog post (here) about being a smart speculator, I point blank said, "We’ve personally been on the quest, with our own money, for extreme-alpha for years." And, truth be told, there is no way to get that (i.e., ROIs that significantly outpace broad market returns) without the willingness to take risks, lose money, and enjoy the big winners when they come.

+ It's for those reasons the majority sock-away MOST of their portfolio in funds that are designed to MATCH indexes (aka: Beta). But, with the resurgence of volatility in the market, as AK from from Real Vision's One Thing points out (here) in his most facetious way, these PASSIVE investors aren't gonna like the outcomes.


Ready to learn all about the life-changing world of trading options?

Some of the key advantages of trading options vs stocks (notice I said "trading," and not investing) are greater leveraging power, limited risk with higher potential returns, and consistent income strategies.

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One of the most seasoned, focused and profitable option-trading gurus we know is Jeff Bishop. And, in this training, he'll walk you through his key method to earn $$ via this lucrative market. Once you click the link above, be sure to watch the short video at the top right of his page.


Last week, we sent out another Issue X MM email. In it, Leo linked to my new post, How To Be a Smart Speculator. Well, in that post, I introduced you to Lobo Tiggre (aka Louis James). He's a longstanding protégé of of legendary resource / mining speculator Doug Casey. I like his style for teaching self-responsibility, which is why I'm excerpting the ending of this post of his:

+ "When I do lose—as happens to us all—I don’t blame management, or government conspiracies, or anti-business NGOs. I place the blame squarely on the guy in the mirror. Even if one of these things did torpedo one of my investments, it would still be my fault for exposing myself to such a risk. Shouting and cursing others doesn’t help. Learning from the experience to better evaluate the risks next time does."


"So, a few years ago, I got into a friendly conversation with a guy at my local gym named Brian. Brian’s in his mid-twenties and graduated from a prestigious law school about a year ago. But what struck me about him was that he came out of college with a whopping $300k in debt, primarily from student loans."

+ That's my very own partner-in-research, Brad Weinman (aka Brado) leading into his new post about how "too many kids come out of college with nothing but expensive degrees and no job prospects to show for it." Click the link above and see what he proposes in order to solve this nasty little burden we keep prompting young minds to put on their shoulders.

Quote of The Week:

"Show me your friends and I'll show you your future."

-Dan Peña
(write-up coming this Friday via Weekend Whats)

Until next Monday...

Your Partner In The Quest For
Living a Life Without Limits,

Barry Goss
Editor, Money Monday

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