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December 2019


A Ring of Fire to Ring in the New Year…

Ho-ho-ho! Merrrrrry Christmas! We all get to enjoy the benefits of a Solar Eclipse on Christmas Day. Yes. It's true! So what does this eclipse mean to you?

All eclipses mark major turning points in your life, regardless as to whether you perceive them to be for better or for worse. Losing a job can bring a better job that you wouldn't have had if you hadn't been let go. This may happen immediately or, since this is happening at the Winter Solstice, it may happen any time before the coming of the Summer Solstice.

Something will end and something else will begin. Once the new thing begins, the old thing will collapse. This helps move you forward in life and forces you to look at the windshield instead of your rear view mirror. Solar eclipses tend to bring bright positive news "out of the blue!"

There will be a lunar eclipse in two weeks that pairs with this event, and there will be ensuing pairs of eclipses that are connected to this event. Notice how you are affected at Christmas and you will have an idea of what is coming in future months. Mark your calendar (or buy my Feng Shui & Moon Magic Planning Calendar on Amazon at bit.ly/TrishaKeelBooks!) for January 10: Penumbral Lunar Eclipse, June 05: Penumbral Lunar Eclipse, June 21: Annular Solar Eclipse. July 05: Penumbral Lunar Eclipse. November 30: Penumbral Lunar Eclipse, and December 14: Total Solar Eclipse.


There's a Party and Santa is Gonna Be There!

As I have been sharing with you, there is a gathering happening in the sign of Capricorn. This is the energy frequency that is all about striving for goals, aspiring to accomplishment, and tending to responsibilities. Family, home, and integrity are key elements in the Capricorn qualities. The Sun, Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto will all be at the party on Christmas Day.

The Sun involves you, no matter where the Sun was when you were born. Jupiter is all about expansion, prosperity, and good fortune. Saturn is all about limitation and practicality. Pluto is all about transformation and power. These four celestial bodies at a Capricorn party on Christmas Day with an annular Solar Eclipse bring all their gifts to your house and plop them under your tree. With Uranus, the planet of revolution, inventiveness, and individuality in a trine aspect (Taurus is an Earth sign, as is Capricorn) means you can expect to be pleasantly surprised by what is coming.


The Birch Moon
New Beginnings & Infinite Possibilities

The Birch Moon begins the Celtic year as December ends, on Christmas Day with the New Moon in Gemini and the annular Solar Eclipse. This lunation always follows the Winter Solstice, the longest night of the year, and the three day period when the Sun stands still. As the Sun reaches its peak position, it seems to pause because it is moving up, then holding, and then pausing again as it begins to move down, back to the Southern Hemisphere to return to Summer. These three days are a time of high magic. Celebrate them with joyous ceremony!

As the days begin to grow longer, you will feel relief when there is still light as you get off work. You will very quickly adjust to the increase in solar energy that is coming your way. As the flow of energy strengthens, so do you. So too do the flows of opportunity, cash, and adventure begin to gear up as we move towards Imbolc at Sundown, February 1st, when Winter begins to allow the Water energy to warm up. Bulbs begin to sprout green shoots above the snows.

Join me for the final Feng Shui & Moon Magic Workshop of 2019 and step forward into 2020 ready to embrace the infinite possibilities of the future. Explore Feng Shui secrets for opening doors to the flow of opportunity and stepping into your bright new future. Join me for the Feng Shui Workshop for the Birch Moon on Sunday, December 8th. Attend live at my new location in Bellaire, Texas at 5223 Mimosa Drive, just north of Bellaire High School, or online from wherever you are.

Next year we will focus the Feng Shui Workshops on Dancing With The Celestial Animals! Mark your calendar for the second Sundays each month or get a copy of my Feng Shui & Moon Magic Calendar from Amazon at bit.ly/TrishaKeelBooks - only $25!


Birch Moon Workshops

The Birch Moon's Feng Shui Workshop & Practical Magic Workshop will beat the breakthrough blues and launch you with champagne and a marching band into your best year yet.

The Feng Shui Workshop for the Birch Moon will bring you into alignment with your own visions for the future by setting the station to the frequencies for successful new beginnings and infinite possibilities. Get specifically targeted Feng Shui recommendations to clear your path to the sweet success you seek. Star in your own life's show because you dang well intend to show up and sing loud! Put your shoulders back and demand that life pay you what you are worth, then be amazed as you GET IT! Leap into the coming leap year and thrill to the joy of taking the controls!

The paired witchy-crafting Practical Magic Workshop for the Birch Moon will be presented on the month's last Sunday, December 29th. We will paint our own Wheel of the Year to activate our awareness of all eight seasons and their frequencies. We will also perform a full Freedom of Release Ritual to let go of all we wish to let go of from 2019 as January dawns.

Join us live in Houston (Bellaire), TX or online from anywhere. The Feng Shui workshop is informational. The Practical Magic workshop is for enjoying witchy-crafting. Enjoy exploring and defining the energy of your environment and then enhancing your life with your own creative crafting! Both workshops are video-recorded in case you can't attend live.

Attend one workshop for $30 or both for $54. Those who attend live have their materials provided. I send those who attend online a list of materials to gather before the workshop. Register at bit.ly/TKFSWorkshops.

More information here

Want More Feng Shui & Moon Magic?

If you want more Feng Shui & Moon Magic fun, the original books are available on Amazon. Feng Shui & Moon Magic and the Feng Shui & Moon Magic MMXX Planning Calendar are both only $25. GREAT gifts for starting your magical life. Find them and all my books on Amazon at bit.ly/TrishaKeelBooks


Feng Shui Fun On The Run PRO Blog Free Sample:

Black Tortoise Goes Ghosty

When Black Tortoise goes ghost, the energy you feel in the mist is completely different from liquid or frozen water. There is a blurry reality that has muffled sound and limited sight, but that is wet enough to soak you through.

Water is pervasive. It will follow lines of least resistance to rejoin its source. When it is in gaseous form, it floats. Then it can be a cloud in the sky, or many layers of clouds which create a gray day. Different quantities of clouds result in different frequencies.

Clouds on the ground are called fog or mist. There area differences in energy frequency between these two manifestations of the Black Tortoise. Morning fog will burn off and often reveal a glorious sunshiny day. Evening fog settles in and closes the perimeters and parameters of your experience. Being inside with fog all around you is like being wrapped in cotton or protective lining. I have been on the 35th floor working in the fog with a cup of coffee beside me, thinking I’m all safe and secure, even if blinded, and then realizing that the coffee in the cup is moving like it would if I were out in a boat on water. Very eyebrow lifting!

Mist is formed close to the ground. It creeps and wanders as it will, and it does seem to have a will of its own. Will o’ the wisp isn’t just a meaningless word. Anything that comes “in a mist” comes with magic, whether you believe in it or understand it or not.

People can experience brain fog for varieties of reasons, including dehydration, drugs, alcohol, illness, and even sugar. Brain fog can be created by exposure to fluorescent lighting, lack of exposure to sunlight, and exhaustion. Lack of sleep, overabundance of stress, and fear can fog the brain too. Pay attention when you encounter folks in fog. Give them time for the clouds to clear.

When you get to a place where you find there are no clear answers, no clear choices, and no clear directions, it is time to step back and get more information. With information will come clarity. If you don’t get a sense of clouds clearing, do not proceed further into the space. If you are in a place where you can’t get the answers you need, it is time to step out of the clouds and into clarity. You’ll know when and where that is.


Enjoy learning about Feng Shui? Want more?

We are currently studying the Dance of the Celestial Animals, exploring how the Green Dragon, Red Phoenix, Golden Cicada, White Tiger, and Black Tortoise tango together. Know what you're walking into wherever you go when you subscribe to Feng Shui mini-lessons. This blog is written fresh and delivered straight to your email box, every day except Christmas. Discover ways to sweeten your own Feng Shui, whether at home or at work! Subscribe for only $15/month at http://bit.ly/Subscribe2FSFOTR.


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New Beginnings Don't Have to be Scary…

If you are reining yourself in and holding back to keep from simply losing control, then you have created an energy field that cages you and ties your hands. You cannot move forward towards the new things you want in your life. Do the same old thing and hating it is like having to eat Thanksgiving leftovers for the rest of your life! When you are fed up with playing it safe and ready to risk everything to bring in the fresh opportunities you crave, it is time to go to your front door.

Consider that your dreams aren’t already in your life because you haven’t attracted them. What is attractive about this entrance? What is not? What will your front door look like when you are living your dream? Identify six things that will be at your front door when your dreams have come true. Write them down. Then begin to gather and stage them just as you imagined. Make your future unfold just as you pictured it at your front door!

You HAVE Made Up Your Mind, Right?

When it is time to get unstuck and blast your way into breakthrough, you may have to take some extra steps to get the extremely comfortable old energy and its habit pattern to get out. Why should it leave? It is quite comfortable there. It has had free rent and is well fed. This kind of “visitor” sometimes has to be encouraged to get the heck out. Fortunately, it is the time of year where you can buy firecrackers. Don’t go for pretty here. Go for loud, shocking, and continuous. Do not set off strings of firecrackers in the night as people tend to think they are gunshots. You might tell your neighbors that you intend to light firecrackers to get rid of pigeons or grackles or something, but reassure them so they don’t call the police. Then, in broad daylight, taking ALL possible safety precautions, in view of each entrance to your place, set off 2 or 3 strings of firecrackers. You are not kidding around here. Every entrance. In broad daylight. Let ‘em rip! (Buh-bye bummers and blah!)

Identify six things do you intend to blast out of your environment. Write them down. Then go grab hold of the first one you can lay your hands on and drag it out of your house! Spank your hands and put your shoulders back and grin widely. Yeah baby! Look at you go!

Identify six things will you attract into your environment. Write them down. Go online and order one. Yes, right now. You've already waited this long, haven't you? Let's get going. Daylight's burning!

The time to ACT has arrived. Ready for the next step?


For more of this Feng Shui Workshop, order Sparking New Beginnings, from December, 2016. This text is from the beginning of the Green Dragon Bonus for New Beginnings. Visit bit.ly/TKFSWorkshops for this and many more!


Winter Solstice Energy Clearing Workshop

This Winter Solstice Workshop is centered around the element of Air. The Sun reaches its lowest point as it sweeps down toward the Southern Hemisphere, bringing the year’s shortest day with the first day of Winter. The shortest day comes paired with the longest night.

With less than 10 hours of sunlight, you will find a joyous relief from the darkness in candlelight, firelight, and twinkle lights. Make sure you see fire every day to keep your energy levels up in Winter—especially if you are a Fire sign (Aries, Leo, or Sagittarius).

In this workshop you will learn to…

  • Bring the energy of the Green Man into your home and your life
  • Make your own Pennsylvania Dutch Hex (Protection Blessing) Medallion
  • Perform the Chen Pi Energy Clearing Ritual (Tibetan tantric high-octane stuff!)
  • Disconnect from a house you want to sell
  • Tap into the healing powers of herbal teas
  • Tie up some Mistletoe Magic to banish misery and promote love
  • Use incense to imbue your intentions into your spaces and spells
  • Blast out the bad year and bring in the new!
  • Make Magic Misters to chase away the Drearies and Cross-patches
  • Sew Magic Stitching Charms for safety and serenity
  • Anoint your Winter Solstice Candle and other Candle Magic Elements
  • Purify a space with your bare hands using simple clapping
  • Perform the Breath of God energy clearing technique

We will also go through a step-by-step checklist for setting up your own sacred spot. Here you can honor your God, goddess, angels, ancestors, saints, and self. Here you create a sanctuary and nurture your own serenity. It can be a tiny shelf on a wall or a table top. It can be a mantle or the top of your dresser. It will be your spot!

December 14 - Register by December 7 and Save!

Tuition for the original training is $222. (Register early and save!) A copy of my book, The Fine Art of Energy Clearing by the Cycles of the Seasons and all your make and take home and course materials are included in this price. EVERYONE SAVES! Register yourself and a pal for $333 or bring two friends for only $444. Early registration brings additional savings but it ends the Saturday before the workshop, so REGISTER TODAY!


You are always invited to come again and join the fun in following seasons. There will always be new activities you haven't done and fun crafts to create, all of which are included in your tuition. Returning alumni enjoy $100 off, with tuition reduced to ONLY $99. Register at least a week early so I have time to get materials for you too!


Imagine Accessing Divine Guidance at Will…

There are reasons certain places make you want to be still and be quiet…

You have been to places where you have stopped and looked around and known - KNOWN - there was more to the place than the seen.

These situations are not your imagination. They are your instinctive recognition of energy at multiple levels.

You may feel this in an old church… or not. You may encounter these feelings in natural environments such as tree groves or mountain glades, but not in all tree groves or mountain glades.

What is it that makes a place into a living temple?

It is the intentional blending of Sacred Geometry & Geomancy. Geometry and Geomancy are the languages of the Divine. When you speak this language, you grasp more meaning than you can with mere words. When you combine them, knowing what you're doing, you build your own living temple: a place with conscious awareness and open lines of communication to the Divine.

Here there is a steady flow of radiant grace. Why not access Divine Guidance at will?

Learn to build your own – whether in your backyard, your spare bedroom, or on a tabletop in your office – and raise the frequencies of all you do to align with the Divine Plan. Experience the Divine Difference!

This workshop is instructor-led, live, online in six 90-minute sessions on Saturday afternoons from 4 to 5:30 Central. It includes a book and worksheets to help you design your own sacred space. All sessions are video recorded in case you have to miss one. The class is valid for 9 HSW Learning Units for members of the American Institute of Architects.

Plan to start the next decade at a higher turn of the spiral. Workshop begins Saturday, January 18th and continues to February 22nd. For more information and to register, please visit bit.ly/TKSacredGeometry


Tuatha da Danaan…

There is an ancient race, the Tuatha da Danaan, (pronounced all in one rolling flow - TOO-uh duh DAN-nuh) who arrived in Ireland on day thousands of years ago… in a mist… in “a thousand silver ships from the sky.” It is said that they burned those ships as they committed to their new life here on this planet.

They were quite tall, fair of skin and blue of eye. Beautiful to look upon, they came to our world with four great magical treasures: Nuada’s Sword of Light, Fal’s Stone of Destiny, the Spear of Lugh, and the Cauldron of the Dagda.

Each of their treasures is carried into your life as the Four Elements, or Archangels, if you will: Air, Earth, Fire, and Water. They are symbolized by the four suits of the Tarot, and together they weave the fabric of your life. The Sword is Wisdom, the Stone is Truth, the Spear is Will, and the Cauldron is Compassion.

The Tuatha da Danaan married into the humans. You carry their genes. You have their gifts as your heritage. All you have to do is honor them, use them, and share them. Whenever you do, your light shines brighter, and your right brain opens its dormant centers that allow you to communicate with Nature.

How do you know this is happening? When you read silently, do you “hear voices” of the characters that are other than your own? When you are pulling together an effort to go somewhere or tackle a project, do you talk to yourself and the accouterments aloud as you work your way into it? (NOTE: Learn lots more about this in the Sacred Geometry & Geomancy Workshop coming in January. See article above.)

If you answered yes to either question, spend more time out in Nature. Go where you can hear birdsong and see wild water. Be quiet. Just listen.

If you have ever thought or been told that you have ADD or ADHD, this is likely the true reason you do not focus only in left brain logic. You are not broken! You are aligning with all your power. Get outside. Spend at least 30 minutes, without sunscreen, in Nature. Stay away from programming of all kinds. Be in the Mineral, Plant, and Animal Kingdoms...and SHINE!


Want more wisdom that opens doors? Transformation Time ONE and Transformation Time TWO are full of tidbits and ideas that will grow into wisdom. Both are GREAT gifts! These and all my publications are available on Amazon.com at bit.ly/TrishaKeelBooks!


The Mysteries Revealed

Curious about all the history, mystery, and magic you see me playing with every day? Come have lunch with me on Fridays and I'll tell you about all these things you're curious about. There are NO PREREQUISITES to this learning. Right now we are exploring Blavatsky's Isis Unveiled: Theology - so we are studying all the history and mysteries about all the religions. This includes church miracles, sorcery, pagan beliefs, gods and goddesses of myths, the mysteries of the Gnostics, the meaning of the alpha and the omega, the Egyptian Book of the Dead, secret Masonic ciphers, the zodiac, the devil, magic, and much more!

Join me online, on Fridays for lunch and I will tell you stories about your own world. You will be amazed at how what we study pops up in your daily life. Only $60/month. All materials delivered as PDFs. Register at bit.ly/TKMysteries


Commanding the Magic of Precious Metals…

A precious metal is distinguished by its high economic value and its resistance to corrosion or oxidation. Their high luster or reflective shine and their high electrical conductivity make them more valuable than the metals used for other purposes, such as iron, lead, or tin. The noble metals gold, silver, platinum and palladium and are used as currency in coinage and/or in jewelry or art. Other precious metals include the platinum group metals: ruthenium, rhodium, palladium, osmium, iridium, and platinum, of which platinum is the most widely traded.

The demand for precious metals is driven not only by their practical use, but also by their role as investments. Back in 2006, Palladium was valued at about half the price of gold, and platinum was around twice that of gold. Silver is substantially less expensive than these metals, but is often traditionally considered a precious metal for its role in coinage and jewelry.


The Metal of the Sun is one of the world’s most prized possessions. Whether fashioned into jewelry, investments, or art, gold has beguiled mankind since the beginning of time. Throughout history, the greatest civilizations have reserved golden objects for their most important rituals and sacred objects, ascribing miraculous powers to it. The ancient Egyptians held gold on par with the Sun, the giver of Life, and reserved the metal’s use for the pharaohs only. The ancient Etruscans created meticulously hand wrought objects using fine tiny balls of gold. The Chinese aligned gold with the yang energy of the Sun (silver aligned with the yin of the Moon), and allowed only Emperors to wear its golden color. Even today, Chinese and Indian brides wear 24-karat gold on their wedding day to bless their marriage with good luck and happiness. The Incas called gold the dew (or sweat) of the Sun.

Gold symbolizes the purity of Spirit and conducts communication between humanity and the source of all being. Thus, those wearing gold tune in more clearly to God’s will than those who don’t. Because of its purity it is not affected by exposure to air, light, heat, or moisture. It is indestructible and conductive and so it’s used to build billions of electrical contacts each year.

It purifies the physical body as well as the spirit, helping to induce learning, lessen stress of life’s tests, and to activate and actualize potential. It also assists one in attuning to nature and its healing forces.

Gold restores balance to energy fields as it eliminates egoic conflict and erases feelings of futility. Gold assuages overwhelment, combats depression, dispenses self-reproach, and calms excitation and states of anger. Gold attract honor, wealth, and happiness. It strengthens composure, stabilizes emotions, eases tension and stress, and amplifies positive feelings.

Wearing gold, especially over the heart, helps develop and balance the heart chakra. It also amplifies thought-forms. Twenty-four karat gold is said to help preserve higher thought forms for later retrieval as it also helps to activate the brow and crown chakras. Use gold to clear impurities from all energy fields because it produces resonances of cooperation and receptivity. When used with gemstones, gold stabilizes the minerals’ influencing energies.

Gold clears and strengthens the mind. Called the Master Healer, it will rebuild damaged nerves and is especially valuable in the treatment of multiple sclerosis. Gold improves digestion, circulation and breathing, and increases warmth. It can also be used for the treatment of arthritis, skin cancer, blood disorders, pneumonia, vascular diseases, heart disease, eye problems, paralysis, rheumatism, skin disorders, tuberculosis, nightmares, and spinal problems.

Gold assists in the rejuvenation of the endocrine system, the absorption of vitamins and minerals, and the regeneration of tissue and the skeletal structure. It balances the hemispheres of the brain, and treats conditions associated with autism, dyslexia, epilepsy, and physical coordination.

Gold is the precious metal that supports all fire signs, but especially Leo, whose ruling planet is the Sun which is symbolized by this element.

Alchemists used gold to make Tincture of the Sun. The symbol for gold is Au from the Latin aurum meaning shining dawn. The weight of gold is expressed in troy ounces (1 troy ounce = 1.097 ordinary ounce). A carat or karat is a unit of weight for diamonds and other gemstones. One carat equals 200 milligrams (0.200 grams). There are 453 grams in a pound (1,000 grams to a kilogram). A karat, when used with gold, is a unit of purity-- 24-karat gold is pure gold, but usually gold is mixed with copper or silver to make jewelry (because pure gold is too soft). Each karat indicates 1/24th of the whole. So if a piece of jewelry is made of metal that is 18 parts gold and 6 parts copper, that is 18-karat gold.

Gold corresponds to the letter E, diamonds, and the heart. Use for wisdom, common sense, longevity, comfort, and money spells. Use gold amulets for depression, comforting and strengthening the heart, hallowing, wealth, protection, healing.

Use gold in rituals concerning Sun-deities, male life force, authority, self-confidence, creativity, financial riches, investments, fortune, hope, worldly, and magical power. Wear golden jewelry to improve self-confidence and inner strength.


Learn about silver, copper, and more when you order this workshop's audio and materials at https://www.tomorrowskey.com/PracticalMagicWorkshops.html


Train as a Professional with a Professional…

Whether you wish to establish your own practice as a Certified Feng Shui Practitioner, enhance a career in Real Estate or Interior Design, or create the environment that supports your life and dreams, Tomorrow's Key Professional Training Program ensures your strong foundation for the future. You step out day one of training as a Professional Feng Shui Practitioner, performing Tibetan transcendental energy shifts for both residential and commercial clients at my side, with full back up as you get your balance.

Give yourself the gift of the wisdom you need to take 100% control of your environment! Register today for the next training session, January 27-31, or set up your own week of training to align with your most convenient time.

You receive an extensive Professional Feng Shui Practitioner Resource Guide that will back you up as you go forward because you will have all the notes for future reference. The very first day of training you will begin using divination through the I Ching, the Chinese Book of Changes, to know more about what you're stepping into than your senses can tell you. You learn to explore and impact environmental energy in physical and metaphysical frequencies using your hands, tuning forks, and intuitive knowing.

There are intermediate and advanced workshops to grow into, as well as a daily blog to keep your wisdom fresh every day. For much more information, please visit my website at bit.ly/ProFSTraining or call 713-952-5429.


Tomorrows Key 1847 Cortlandt Street Houston, Texas 77008 United States (713) 952-5429