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Technical Training Center is Here!



For months now, we’ve been teasing you about our new TMN Technical Training Center we planned to launch on May 15. And for once, we’re actually early. That’s right, last night we rolled it out with an announcement on the TMN Facebook page, and already have several testimonials:


  • “Took a peek and wow! Just wow! So much good stuff!”
  • “This is exactly what I was looking for when I signed up a few days ago. I love how simple it is to go directly to specific topics.”
  • “Very well done. Really nice to be able to get strategy specific and quickly get down to the nuts and bolts . . . Will certainly be helpful to newer staff with less real-world experience. Great progress!”


What are you waiting for? Here’s how to find it:


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First, log in to the member portal at www.members.taxmasternetwork.com. You’ll see the big blue bar right at the top of the page. Can’t miss it!

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The first thing you’ll see when you click is the “Red Lights, Green Lights module. Click the usual blue arrow to watch me walk through a 6½ minute presentation outlining how proactive tax planning works, TMN style. To your left, you’ll see where you can download a colorful 7-page summary suitable for use as a client brochure. (We call it a “white paper,” but there’s nothing “white” about it.) You can also download the actual PPT presentation, with complete script language, to deliver the presentation yourself.
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Finally, scroll down to see the remaining strategy modules. There are 20 in total so far, covering topics like business entity planning (S corps, C corps, and partnering with your spouse), MERPs and HSAs, charitable trusts and pooled income funds, cost segregation and real estate passive loss rescues, and even that damn Fleischer decision that’s become the bane of my existence ever since the Tax Court surprised us all with it back in 2016. (I’ll never have to answer questions about it again – I can just point members to the training module!)


Each module includes a video presentation ranging from 7-30 minutes, plus a white paper, plus the actual PPT file with script. We’re also going to add the Tax Operating System® resources, which will probably take the form of a zip file that includes a color flowchart plus every template, form, and checklist you need to implement the strategy. As soon as coronavirus lifts, I’ll be getting myself to a studio where I can also record 2-3 minute client facing videos. These will be branded as Tax Master Network presentations to complement your own branding.


Future modules will include specific retirement plan strategies (including, of course, Sparkle Pony), nonqualified retirement planning with life insurance, 1031 exchanges, and others. Let us know what you want and we’ll work to deliver it!


There you have it. What are you waiting for? Go!

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Tax Master Network Briefs:

Vol. 3, Number 15;

May 15, 2020


Technical Training Center is Here!


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