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Just where the hell have you been, dude?

Apparently, one of my California-based subscribers (maybe a young surfer?) has been a bit miffed that I've been on a 90-day writing sabbatical.

I like regularly-scheduled / never-miss-an-issue routine newsletters as well. As I start wearing less hats (which means forming some key partnerships with other investors and publishers who can handle our somewhat unorthodox brand), I promise to be in your inbox every Monday.

Well, assuming I'm not out surfing on vacation without my smartphone. ;)

In this Issue:

  • America's Hidden Economy
  • Eating Our Own Cookin'
  • Options, Options, Options

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  • Deals With Sharks
  • Project Libra
  • Quote of the Week

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U.S. employers currently have just 2 options for classifying their workers: employees and independent contractors. Yet technology, fueled by the internet, has weaved an interconnected web of direct one-to-one opportunity. Ya'd think more and more avenues for ambitious and hustling entrepreneurs to serve value up to others (without the burdens of "corporate BS") would be a very good thing. But, as brain-trust colleague Bobby Casey points out here, the People's Republic of California (er, I mean the state of California) is leading the show to make these workers out to be victims.

+ If you're not about falling into the control-snare of the sociocrat politician or the bureaucrat meddling with the free market, then you should pass along my post that lists websites that offer up remote-based side-hustles and on-demand work.


In an answer to a Platinum member about "old-school newsletters," I basically told Timothy (here) that with our 'investors first / editors second' philosophy... we are forcing ourselves to be 'in the game' with our community. Certainly, it's a speculative game at times; however, we wouldn't want it any other way.

+ It's precisely what heralded strategic options trader Tom Sosnoff is saying in this 2-min observation about the pitfalls of how much of the "traditional" financial services world does NOT allow their people to trade; to even invest in the very things they're reporting on and/or recommending.


Speaking of strategic-trading, if you're a paid-up member and have followed our emails this year... you may remember that I added a resource-rich entry to our 'Ideas & Tools for More Money in 2019' series. Idea #12 is called Piggyback On Expert Options Trades.

+ It's a starter curation mini-guide to the immense value of adding options to your wealth-building portfolio. Multiple ways to skin 'leverage' and fixed-risk are the one-two-punch benefits of options trading. If you have access to M4 Insider (M4i), click the last above to go directly to to the report.

++ Also, until I'm ready to unleash the full-blown Ultimate Guide to Options Trading report, let me know if you want an occasional email (Members-only) about new ideas and tools I'm finding VERY useful in this space.

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♦ Money Mastery 2.0 ♦

This is the longest-running, most actively-updated and step-by-step (no stone unturned) HOW-TO program online today. I've had access since 2015... and, if you're also into writing and sharing your wisdom via Amazon, this is a MUST-HAVE resource:

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Angel investor Halle Tecco spent hundreds of hours compiling key data from the show Shark Tank, which just finished its 10th season. She then shared her results with The Hustle. It's quite the read, from deals done, average equity, industries, the sharks, and founder breakdowns.

+ On a related note, check our our post, How To Be Your Own 'Shark Tank' Investor.


The Robinhood takeaway on Facebook's planned cryptocurrency payment service (aka: GlobalCoin): “'Network effects' are Facebook's advantage... That's when a product's value grows as more people use it. Payment rivals like PayPal's Venmo or Square'sCash App need you to download the app for it to grow their user base. With 2.4B users already installed, Facebook just needs to convince you to give it a try (and ignore its major privacy issues)."

+ For how I like to invest 1% to 3% of my portfolio in the entire crypto space, without the hassles of knowing which crypto asset to buy (and/or when to sell), see my write-up on this all-in-one index for the retail investor (M4i members only).

Quote of The Week:

“Everything you want in life has a price connected to it. There’s a price to pay if you want to make things better, a price to pay just for leaving things as they are, a price for everything.” - Harry Browne

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