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knife crime

Stabbings - how to help and stay safe

This week, a normal high street in South London was the scene of a terror attack as a man stabbed innocent passers-by before he was shot down by the police. 3 people were severely injured. In this situation, First Aid is vital. One man said there was blood ‘everywhere’. He luckily had a blanket in his bag and used this to help stem the bleeding while he hailed an ambulance. Knife crime is at a record high in the UK right now. Would you know how to help with major bleeding while also keeping yourself safe? We show you how here!

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Avoid germs and stay healthy!

Did you know cold viruses can survive on hard indoor surfaces for around seven days? And flu viruses, can survive on hard surfaces for 24 hours and last about 15 minutes on tissues? Particularly at this time of year and with the news of the Chinese Cornavirus, it's so important to prevent the spread of germs and stay healthy. Read our tips in this handy article, including what we think about wearing surgical-style masks when out and about

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dog bleeding

Do you know the different types of bleeding in dogs?

If your dog is bleeding, first and foremost the priority is to stop the blood coming out! It is not a priority to clean the wound. It is then necessary to identify the type of bleeding. Do you know what they are? In this article we cover all about Arterial, Venous and Internal bleeding so you know exactly how to recognise bleeding in your dog and then treat it accordingly

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Practical courses

For bespoke or group courses - please email or give us a call on 02086754036

For online courses for refreshers or stand-alone online training visit

Paediatric First Aid (6 or 12 hours)

Choose 12-hour blended learning for the full paediatric qualification, EYFS or for compulsory Ofsted register.

Paediatric first aid

Friday 7th February: few spaces

Wednesday 12th February: full!

Friday 28th February: spaces

Emergency First Aid (3 hours)

Basic first aid covering CPR, recovery position, choking & common medical emergencies in adults, babies & children.

Perfect for new parents, grandparents & anyone wanting to gain skills & the confidence to help.


Friday 14 February: full!

Saturday 7 march: lots of spaces

Wednesday 18 March: lots of spaces

Emergency First Aid at Work (full day)

Fully regulated first aid course including paediatric first aid & additional topics - for those needing to qualify as a first aider.

EFAW first aid

Friday 7th February: few spaces

Wednesday 12th February: full!

Friday 28th February: spaces

dog course

First Aid for Dogs

3 hour course covering CPR, choking & common medical emergencies in dogs.

Saturday 28 March: spaces

Saturday 16 May: spaces

Teenage First Aid

3 hour course covering age appropriate first aid topics taught by experienced experts.

Or arrange your own course with a group of friends or family at a time of your choice!

teenage first aid

Check for last minute availability or contact us if there is a specific date you need. Happy to add you to one of our waiting lists too.

More dates on our website.


Delighted to receive this feedback from Harris Academy South Norwood. Teaching First Aid in Schools is so vital!


This week we were awarded 'Most Outstanding First Aid Training - UK' by Acquisition International. We're so proud!

Stay Safe Community

The Stay Safe Community is a free, supportive online community, helping you & your loved ones stay safe & healthy whilst living life to the full. Come and join us.

First Aid for Life team

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