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March 2020

A Personal Message from Mark Virkler

Founder of Christian Leadership University and CWG Ministries


This Month's Special – "Counseled By God"

We ALL Need a WONDERFUL COUNSELOR as Covid 19 Becomes a Worldwide Pandemic.

The amazing thing is that we DO have a Wonderful Counselor! Yes, it is true schools and colleges and sporting events have shut down. Businesses, stores, cruises, and theme parks have closed. Nations have sealed their borders. Fear is ready to surmount reason.

In the midst of this, the Bible says: For a child will be born to us … the government will rest on His shoulders… His name will be called Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Eternal Father, Prince of Peace (Isa. 9:6).

Every one of us needs to hear from our Wonderful Counselor NOW! He tells me, “For heaven’s sake, celebrate!” When we celebrate, 1) we declare that God is in control and our trust is in Him; 2) we become beacons of hope to a frightened world; 3) our immune systems are strengthened. Not bad from just four simple words from our Wonderful Counselor. And guess what? He has a lot more to say than four simple words!

You can hear His voice every single day as we walk through this crisis. You can be restored to faith, hope and peace every single morning during your devotional time as He speaks to you. Are you hearing the voice of your Wonderful Counselor?

Overcoming Fear of Coronavirus - Journaling by Susan Dolliver

I asked Jesus how I can have perfect love to cast out Covid-19 fear and He replied:

You're doing it now. Look to Me. That is the way to overthrow fear. If you truly know and believe I am in you and at your right hand, nothing can make you tremble, except of course the Father. It's good to tremble a little before Him.

Why would you let fear of a tiny virus from the pit of hell become a big monster in your imagination? Either you are picturing Me giving you life and abundant health and complete protection, at your side and in your heart, or you are seeing yourself sick and without Me or My help. I am your refuge. Dwell in My peace. Focus on pictures of Me that affirm life and health and love. See My feathers covering you - where no nasty bugs can enter.

I am the giver of life and the protector of life. I am the life. Where I dwell, life dwells. You dwell in My love by continually drawing your mind back to pictures and flowing loving thoughts bubbling up in your heart. Perfect love depends on My indwelling you and you indwelling Me.

So this is just a little blip in time that I will turn to the good by causing My body to look to Me and to walk in faith and love and peace as they have never known before.

You are My slave, not the slave of fear. Walk in victory by walking hand in hand with Me. This is a time for deepening faith and really believing My words. I am in control. Fear not My child. Conquer all with love.

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Counseled by God

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Health update - I continue to grow stronger every day. I still need prayer for all signs of arterial fibrillation to be gone. Your prayers are greatly appreciated. Thank you!

See a listing below of all my blogs from the last four weeks. I appreciate the opportunity to sow into your life! May we together discover how to live and walk in the fullness of the salvation Christ provided for us.

Helping Hands

Together we are saturating the world with communion with God

Bringing revival to individuals, homes, churches and nations

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"Counseled by God" College-Level Course
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In this class we allow Holy Spirit to speak to our hearts and counsel us about the basic emotional pressures of life such as fear, anger, doubt, depression, and condemnation. We will learn to let God replace these with His opposites, as His voice releases His grace within our hearts. Those whom the Son sets free are free indeed!

Follow these steps to enroll in COU202, and if you order before April 30th, you can request the CLU Course of the Month 50% tuition discount!

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Don't Forget Our New Series of Prophetic Ministry Courses!

We are excited to be offering a new series of courses on prophetic ministry which are based on the training materials from the most successful schools of prophetic ministry today. Kris Vallotton, Shawn Bolz, Steve Thompson, Kevin Dedmon and others who are greatly used to give prophetic words have created biblical, practical resources to teach others how to move in the gift. From the first course in the series, you will begin doing activation exercises that will convince you that you are called to prophesy and help you gain confidence in receiving and giving revelation to others.

Get started in this exciting journey today! The prerequisite to the series is REN103/503 Communion with God, and there are other foundational courses on the gifts that you may want to take as well. But when you are ready to really be used by God to speak His heart to everyone you meet, these courses will help you take that step:

  • PRO205 Prophetic Ministry I
  • PRO207 Prophetic Foundations
  • PRO307 Prophetic Ministry II
  • PRO310 Words of Knowledge
  • PRO405 Supernatural Seers
  • PRO410/EVA410 Supernatural Evangelism

Remember, if you have the Holy Spirit within you and upon you, you are able to prophesy (I Cor. 14:31)!

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CLU Graduation & Ministry Training Down Under

by Charity Virkler Kayembe

Leo and I have just returned from New Zealand. We are so grateful for the timing of the tour and that travel restrictions were not instated until after we had crisscrossed the North Island and safely returned home.

In addition to seven workshops, we also spoke at a regional meeting for Assemblies of God pastors, did training sessions on ministry in the marketplace (with new teaching from our upcoming book on Overflow of the Spirit!), and participated in a graduation service for one of our recent CLU grads. It was an honor to give the commencement address during this special ceremony in Auckland. Congratulations, Dr. Mike!

We have already begun receiving emails from participants who attended our first Kiwi meetings and we’re thrilled with all the Lord continues to do. You are welcome to read more of the exciting testimonies and praise reports in my most recent blog: Warrior Angels Fighting for Us. We are thankful for your prayers that covered us throughout the trip and carried us back home. You were with us in spirit and we appreciate you!

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Spirit Life Circles Meet Weekly Providing Coaching, Mentoring and Transformation

We have recently launched a wonderful new opportunity which people have asked for many years: weekly gatherings where everyone shares journaling, revelation and inspiration, and then the group journals together and shares their journaling with each other. These are revelation-based weekly gatherings where you are stimulated to continue to press in to all the Spirit is saying to you. Wow! How good is that? This link describes Spirit Life Circles in detail, and lets you know how YOU can get involved!

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Tune to Flow Shirts

"Tune to Flow" Shirts & More – Easy Conversation Starters for Living by the Spirit!

We have recently launched a Spreadshirt Shop offering three variations of "Tune to Flow - John 7:38" available on 58 different products in a dozen colors! Options include shirts, hats, mugs, water bottles, phone cases, and more.

If you have an idea for a design which supports the themes of CWG Ministries that you'd like to see us offer, send it to us and we might add it to the store.

Until March 20th, enjoy a 20% discount on all items in our Spreadshirt Shop!

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"4 Keys to Hearing God's Voice" Free in 50+ Languages

It is with heartfelt thanks to God and 50 translators who have worked hard to translate our training materials on hearing God's voice and Christian spirituality into 50 languages! Many translators have provided this service as a free gift to the people in their nations because they passionately believed in the power of this message to bring transformation. We thank you for your gift of love and service!

Our newest translation is How to Receive the Baptism in the Holy Spirit in Romanian.

If you know missionaries working with any of these 50+ languages, please direct them to, so they can access these books, MP3s, videos and other resources for free.

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4 Keys Hardcover Book

A Gift with Purpose

Hardcover copies of 4 Keys to Hearing God's Voice are available for a limited time. This is a magnificent, beautiful gift to give anyone interested in spiritual growth. Retailing at $24.95, you can order it through our website at 40% off for just $15! Bless people with the gift of spiritual intimacy with the Lord Jesus Christ. Get a souvenir copy for yourself. Only 600 produced, so order while supplies last.

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40+ Spirit-Led Prayers

60 Prayer Approaches to Meet Your Needs

Use these tools. Share these tools. Build the body of Christ.

Discover this growing collection of Spirit-led prayer approaches:

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The worldwide web is an amazing way you can access gifted writers from around the globe as their stories, teachings and blogs appear every morning in your inbox. Thank You, Lord, for the internet!

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