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April 2020


The Goddess of Love Visits the Pleiades

What do you know about Venus? The goddess and the planet share qualities, so think first of the goddess, as it is easier to anthropomorphize a deity than a world. Venus, also known as Aphrodite, is the goddess of love. She came to life in the oceans from the creative magic of the testes of Ouranus, Father Sky, who was castrated by Saturn. Every image you see of her birth shows the waters, the angels or birds, and the winds or breaths, as shown by these mermen blowing on the conch shells. The personification of beauty, she is also love, truth, AND money.

Venus the planet is currently in her home sign of Taurus. Also in this constellation, resides the Pleiades. Find them by following the line created by the three stars in Orion's belt upward to Aldebaran, the Bull's Eye, and beyond to their star cluster.

In Greek mythology, the Pleiades were seven sisters: Maia, Electra, Alcyone, Taygete, Asterope, Celaeno and Merope. Their parents were Atlas, the Titan who held up the sky, and the oceanid Pleione, the protectress of sailing. Maia, for whom the month of May is named, is the mother of Mercury/Hermes. That's quite a mystery in itself.

After a chance meeting with the hunter Orion, the Pleiades and their mother became the object of his pursuit. Enamored with the young women he pursued them over the face of the Earth. In pity for their plight, Zeus changed them into a flock of doves, which he set in the heavens.

Only six stars in this group are distinctly visible to the naked eye. The ancient Greeks explained the sudden disappearance of the seventh star in various narratives. According to one, all the Pleiades were consorts to gods, with the exception of Merope. She deserted her sisters in shame, having taken a mortal husband, Sisyphus, the King of Corinth. Another explanation for the 'lost' star related to the myth of Electra, an ancestress of the royal house of Troy. After the destruction of Troy, the grief stricken Electra abandoned her sisters and was transformed into a comet – ever after to be a sign of impending doom.

Oh great - a comet - named Electra - daughter of ATLAS. Sure seems to be a lot of coincidences.

But anyway, on April 3rd, Venus is going to visit all the lovely ladies of the Pleiades. When you look up in the night sky you will see the much closer, larger light of Venus, sparkling in the midst of their distant cluster. When women get together, they generally create a plan. Hopefully, these ladies will come up with a great idea to help Earth. Venus is Earth's sister. She has always helped us and helps us still.

With the balance of the Equinox still strongly in place, Venus will be in harmony during her visit with the Pleiads. Their father, Atlas, may have some advice for holding up the sky that seems to be falling on our heads down here. In any case, Venus will be surrounded by Atlas and his wife and daughters for a few days, so she will come away with their influence active in her energy. Since she is our closest neighboring planet, what affects her affects us. Whatever is going on with the Comet ATLAS, will come after their soire.

Whatever is going to happen, it all begins now with Venus and her visit. The ladies lead the way.


There's this Green Thing Coming…

I sat with the awareness of a green comet coming for about three weeks before I made the connection between the lore about the green meteorite that landed in Czechoslovakia that is the source of the stone called moldavite. Note its olive green clear frozen liquid qualities shown in this image. Powerful magic comes with this stone. This is a bit of Heaven. When you go to get yours, get it from Czechoslovakia, or it's not really moldavite.


Legend has it that in the battle of the Heavens between the Archangels Michael and Lucifer, there was an emerald in Lucifer's crown that Michael's sword displaced. It is said that THIS falling stone was the meteorite that hit Czechoslovakia. There are many other legends about Lucifer's emerald but we are focusing now on the story of a green meteor coming to Earth.

NASA reports that the Comet Atlas has a gas body that is half the size of the Sun. The Sun is large. Really large. The largest thing in our Solar System. The Comet is on a trajectory towards the Sun. Scientists don't know if it will hold together in the Sun's gravitational forces, but if it does stay together, it will whip around the Sun like a bucket of water swung on a rope over your head, and come back on the other side, gaining momentum from the pivot.


Donati's Comet of 1858, artwork. Discovered in June of 1858 by the Italian astronomer Giovanni Battista Donati (1826-1873), this comet reached its closest point to the Earth on 10 October 1858. It was one of the brightest and most spectacular comets of the 19th century and the first comet to be photographed.

This comet appeared just before Abraham Lincoln was elected President of the United States and the American Civil War began. Civil war is a manifestation of citizens unhappy with laws they find to be untenable. In a civil war, one side may fight to take control of the country, to achieve independence, or to change government policies.

The people of America are intensely divided at this time, just like we were back then.


So here's the connecting point. The Comet Atlas is headed towards the back side of the Pleiades and the constellation of Taurus, where Venus is about to be meeting with all the lovely ladies. Where the Sun will be on May 31st. The comet will likely be bright enough to be seen with the naked eye, even in the Light of Day. And he's headed straight for the heart of Orion. YIKES!

What this foretells is that we will be informed or enlightened by sources of information that are not from our Sun, but are from other areas of space - from where we sometimes receive other important angelic visitors, who bring us new knowing, magic, and illumination. And whatever is coming, if it stays together, is about to force a "change of heart" in a celestial hunter.

Nothing is bad or good, except that we say it is so. Stay open minded, people. Watch. Think about all the facets of this situation you can hold in your head at once, and see how they connect. Everything connects to everything else. We just don't always realize that things are connected. You must decide for yourself. You must watch and see how things unfold. Knowing what you know, you may have insights others don't. You'll know what is pertinent.


Mysteries Revealed: Lunch & Learn

Join me Fridays for lunch via Zoom. You enjoy your meal and I'll tell you stories about the creation of the cosmos. We are just beginning The Secret Doctrine, by Helena Petrovna Blavatsky, so you haven't missed much yet. There are no prerequisites to join the group. We meet for one hour, noon to 1PM Central, each week to explore the Mysteries.

The Bible has parts of the story, as do the Torah and the Quran, but even science can't tell you how the Solar System and our Earth evolved. They can theorize. One of the most expansive minds of the nineteenth century shares incredibly ancient records that reveal more than we have ever been told. These are not just "myths." They are documented history. Join us and expand your understanding and appreciation of our world, our history, and our future.

Register today at bit.ly/TKMysteries. Tuition: $60/month.


2020 Feng Shui Five Elements Workshops:
The Dance of the Celestial Animals

Salsa with the Dragon and Phoenix Workshop will be presented on Easter Sunday afternoon, April 12th with a focus on the transformation of the Green Dragon's Wood energy into the Fire of the Red Phoenix. April arrives the Wood element shifts to Fire!

Explore how to use the energies of the season to your benefit. Both the weather and your relationships will begin to warm up as we move deeper into April. The Wood element of the Green Dragon now gathers together to lay the pyre for the Phoenix to rise. Discover how to prepare for the Light, the Vision, and the flames! You must stand the heat because this IS your kitchen! Feng Shui support will protect tender beginnings and inspire the passion to lock into the coming Summer days.

My Feng Shui & Moon Magic 2020 Planning Calendar (Available on Amazon at bit.ly/TrishaKeelBooks) reveals that the time flow now slips from the Mutable quality of Wood into the fiery quality of Fire. Things are warming up as we begin to prepare the passions of Springtime. The Phoenix stirs and makes ready to be reborn!

Join me live online via Zoom from wherever you are, Sunday, April 12th, from 1:30-3PM and learn to Salsa with the Dragon and Phoenix. Things are gonna get spicy! Register for both the Feng Shui Workshop and the Wheel of the Year Practical Magic Workshop of April 26th, and save 10%.

The Practical Magic Workshop for April will delve into the Ancient Druid Mysteries and Magic of Tree Lore. Discover the power of the Druid's favored trees and why you do or don't want them on your property. Learn to commune with trees and about how much they enjoy friendships with humans. Also learn what procedure to follow if you must take down a tree, since any tree as tall as you are is as conscious as you are.

Join the Practical Magic Workshop and reconnect to your tree friends. Celebrate the Plant Kingdom as Spring blossoms forth! All materials will be provided by PDF for this workshop.

Attend one workshop for $30 or both for $54. Can't make these dates? Order the video and PDF and enjoy the workshops at your own convenience. Register at bit.ly/TKFSWorkshops or http://www.tomorrowskey.com/PracticalMagicWorkshops.html.

More information here

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Connecting Your Space to the Divine

The ancient law of As Above, So Below has corollaries, one of which is As Within, So Without. This law is what allows doctors to test a drop of your blood and know what is going on with all of your blood. It is also what allows us to know that the galaxies in the vastness of space mirror the atomic structure in the quantum world.

The same law allows you to bring the divine into your place on Earth when you integrate Sacred Geometry & Geomancy into its design. Whether you want to open a spa, set up a place of worship, or create a retreat in your own back yard, you can fine tune the frequencies of your space by the use of the ancient wisdom. Triangles bring fiery energy while squares bring grounded earthiness. Learn to layer seven or more intentions as you stage a place to resonate with the serenity of the sacred feminine or the power of the divine masculine.

Explore the mysteries and use the wisdom of:

  • Sacred Geometry & Measure
  • Seven Principles of Sacred Design
  • Connecting to Dragon and Serpent Energies
  • Celestial and Terrestrial Alignments
  • And much more!

I teach this workshop online for six consecutive Saturday afternoons, 4-5:30PM Central, emailing you PDFs of the materials as we go. You will actually plan and build a sacred space, as well as learn to open it by calling in the divine, close it when you must move, and to recognize other sacred spaces in the world. Architects and Interior Designers receive 9 hours of HSW professional learning units! All classes are video recorded in case you must miss one. Register today at bit.ly/TKSacredGeometry.


Happiness is a Choice

Your emotions are simply your opinions about what you feel. You can decide that you are going to have a great day, just as easily as you can decide today sucks. The opinion and the choice are yours. You get to live in the frequency and swim in the resonance of that chosen opinion – and so does everyone with whom you interact.

Someone else may choose to feel grateful they woke up and are alive, even in the worst of circumstances. That opinion and choice is theirs. They too get to live in its frequency and swim in its resonance.

Consider that when you choose to feel gratitude or appreciation, your frequencies are higher than when you choose to feel frustration or resentment. Glad is always going to feel better than mad. Mad is another choice. You can choose to feel angry, or you can choose to take things lightly. Whenever you can find humor in a situation, even if you are simply laughing at how seriously you are taking such silly things, you are freed from the low frequencies.

When real estate appreciates, it increases in value. Anything and anyone in your life will increase in value if you appreciate them. Choose appreciation over resentment and you win. Every. Time.

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Feng Shui Fun On The Run PRO Blog Free Sample:

Feng Shui for the Quarantine

The global quarantine has unsettled our senses of safety and security. Our Golden Cicada Earth energy needs to be enhanced. Actively look to engage all five senses. Create meals that you can hear, as well as smell, see, and taste. Include finger foods to touch. A sizzling skillet calls attention just as much as delicious smells. Include all the colors of the rainbow. For blue, use purple.


To enhance Golden Cicada, get sensual. Wear perfume or put a bit of vanilla behind your knees. Whistle and sing. If you are making bacon, you are attracting family to the kitchen. It's the same with the magic of bread baking, whether biscuits or banana bread, anything coming from the oven attracts noses and tummies. Take the time to think about serving. Set a different table each day, alone or with family. You eat with your eyes first, ears second, nose third. Make it look good. Different plates, or different tablecloth, or centerpiece, or music, or candles, or places to sit. Change it up, but keep it grounded. Keep the sounds sweet. Choose wordless music, not television or digital devices. Consider the aromas. Cabbage has a different frequency for attraction than bacon.


Speaking of grounded, go barefoot into the grass and Earth in your backyard. Garden - even if that just means pulling some weeds or pruning some plants. Water the plants in pots. For those of you still in ice and cold, go barefoot to the room in your house that has a stone floor - cement, tile, terra cotta - they are all Earth. If all else fails, get into a bathtub (porcelain is Earth) and add Epsom salts, baking soda, and sea salt to the water.


Add real Fire to strengthen the Earth element. Add electrical fire to enchant. One strand of twinkle lights in a bedroom can charm the surliest teen. Even if you are eating alone, light a candle every time you eat - and eat at the table, making it an event to celebrate. Something had to die to feed you, say thank you.

Red Phoenix Fire truly transforms the energy of environments and your life. A candle lit in the bathroom is sweet. A few candles in the living room change the room's frequency. A fire outside is better than television! And so are starlight and moonlight.


Want More Feng Shui Fun?

I use photos of places I visit or images I find online or in print to create teaching moments that share Feng Shui wisdom. I publish them every day of the year except Christmas. Know what you're walking into wherever you go when you subscribe to Feng Shui mini-lessons. Subscribe for only $15/month at http://bit.ly/Subscribe2FSFOTR.


Virtual Feng Shui Visits Available Worldwide!

During our time of social distancing, you can still have a full Feng Shui consultation! I will email some materials, mail others, and then we will meet online via either FaceTime or Zoom. I still perform transcendental cures to supercharge your results. With decades of experience using technology to provide Feng Shui, I deliver your full service professional consultation with ease.

For more information on what to expect, link here to my video. To help in these times of so much transformation, I am providing a $100 Spring Fling Discount! Call 713-952-5429 today to schedule your consultation!


Remembering Healing with Herbs (Excerpt)

Old folks, gypsies, and others who observe and honor connections in life often have a great deal of experience with herbs that promote well-being. If a sniff of lavender can calm stress or a cup of ginger tea can ease nausea, the first step to having the relief comes from having the wisdom.

Tapping into the bounty of Nature is what people have done since the beginning of time. Pharmaceutical firms just started about 100 years ago. It used to be that all medicine came from herbs, flowers, and parts of plants. Now medicine is created from chemicals, and the long list of how they may harm you are frightening and even deadly.

DISCLAIMER: This workshop is designed to provide you an alternative to taking yet another prescribed drug, but it does not give medical advice or prescribe the use of any herbal remedy as a form of treatment for physical, emotional, or medical problems without the advice of a physician, either directly or indirectly.

The intent is to offer information of a general nature to help you in your quest for health and well-being. In the event you use any of the information provided, which is your Constitutional right, I assume no responsibility for your choices or actions.


Wisdom Foundations for Healing with Herbs

♣ Tree leaves should be gathered before Summer begins. After that the natural insecticide in the leaves increases to more than is good for human consumption.

♣ Gather flowers or leaves on dry days in the early morning, just as flowers begin to open. Always dry in the shade.

♣ Roots should be gathered in very early spring before plants begin to bud out, or in the late fall, after plants have begun to die back.

♣ Tree barks carry the important stuff in their soft inner layer, known as the cambium. This grows between the sapwood and the dead outer bark, or the bark of the root.

General Rules for Herbal Tea Preparations

♣ When using fresh leaves or flowers, steep 2 teaspoons per cup of water for 20 minutes. Strain and store refrigerated in an airtight container. The dose is 1/4 cup 4x per day, NOT with meals. Children take 1/8 cup. Infants receive the herbs through their mother’s milk. Fresh for one week.

♣ When using fresh roots, bark, seeds and twigs, simmer 2 teaspoons of plant matter for 20 minutes. Strain and store refrigerated in an airtight container. The dose is 1/4 cup 4x per day, NOT with meals. Fresh for one week. Do not use an aluminum pot. Keep the pot lid on during the process.

A little bit of honey or lemon can be added to improve the taste.Herbal Tea DosagesThe amount to give a person depends on the size of their body in proportion to the amount of the herbal preparation. Use the chart below to help you gauge how much to give. As always, do NOT take with meals.

Herbal Tea Dosages

Patient Size - Dosage

Adult of 150 lbs - 1/4 cup 4x per day

Adult of 300 lbs - 1/2 cup 4x per day

Child of 75 lbs - 1/8 cup 4x per day

Toddler of 25 lbs - 1 Tbsp 4x per day

Infant - Mother’s Milk



For the rest of this lesson and information about salves, tinctures, and poultices, as well as tips for identifying and gathering herbs from places of power, order the workshop audio and materials, including the bonus material: Practical Magic Herbal. Available on my website from the 2016 series at bit.ly/PracticalMagicWorkshops for only $20. Buy any THREE and GET ONE FREE!


Nature of the Soul Opens in May

In all times and places, each culture had their Mystery Schools and Traditions. These Esoteric Paths of Training reached beyond Morality and Philosophy to that Spiritual Alchemy which transformed the Spiritual Seeker into a Conscious Co-Creator, and empowered them to take up the work of Spiritual Evolution upon this Planet.

At long last, you will have answers to the questions: Who am I? Why am I here? How am I supposed to accomplish these things?

You will also learn true meditation. Meditation for service to humanity, as well as meditation that connects you to the Collective Consciousness in your waking state. This is not just listening to music or a pretty story and napping. This training prepares you for your ability to help the world, gives you the techniques with which to do that, and raises the frequencies of your body, your mind, and your life and affairs so that your next incarnation begins at a higher stage than where you are now.

The Nature of the Soul provides in-depth training through progressive techniques and practices which will unfold the Soul within the Personality, and which will allow that Soul to take up its Service within our World.

Although this training lasts about two years, the student is encouraged to attend only as long as he or she is learning and growing, so there is no contract and you are free to leave at any time. The techniques taught are a synthesis of Eastern and Western Mystery Tradition, but are especially designed for the Western Student. Subjects included in this training are Esoteric Anatomy, Planetary History, Rays and Initiations, Transmutation, Conscious Creativity, and Service - and much more.

You are most welcome to join us in the unfolding of The Nature of the Soul.

THE NEXT SESSION WILL OPEN IN MAY, 2020. For more information or to register, please visit https://www.tomorrowskey.com/NatureOfTheSoul.html


Tomorrows Key 1847 Cortlandt Street Houston, Texas 77008 United States (713) 952-5429