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Prepared by and Scott
Writing under the nom de plume of J.L. LORD

Tuesday | June 30, 2020

Hello Eizell.




The MORNING COFFEE REPORT on Monday predicted that we would test SPX 3000, and hold. I was off by a few pennies as the low was 2999.76. LOL. I must be the worst.


I have been lucky in my predictions the last few days, which means the markets are starting to perform as I expected, and will kick things up in POT a little more intensely.

After opening down 9 points in the SPX, we slowly climbed (very slowly) the entire day until the last 5 minutes saw a $13-point buy program kick in sending the SPX closing above 3050.


TODAY: June 30

TODAY – Higher, but choppy Powell speaks, and that always takes the chips off the table. Mr. Powell does not have a good track record for the market when he speaks.

LONG TERM – NEW ALL TIME HIGHS (possibly), and then a NASTY trade war sell-off – probably after the election.

This is a holiday week – the most patriotic week of the year for America, and almost always a bullish one that is seen by quiet and slow moving advances almost all week. We are down 5.50% for the year as America is slowly opening – for the most part.


Interest rates at zero
$5 trillion in cash waiting to be invested.
A virus that is 1/20th as dangerous as people predicted


Some states are delaying opening. More cases of the virus are being reported, though hospitalizations and deaths are going down. Why? We are now testing people.

Media claiming a massive tax increase candidate is in the lead for the presidency – though he really isn't.

Protesters. Actually, to label them as protesters is a lie. They are anarchists and idiots. This is no longer about George Floyd anymore. They are idiots who hate themselves and America, but don't have solutions to fix anything other than the vague word “change”. We saw a lot of deaths, rapes and anarchy in their police-free zone utopia CHAZ/CHOP. They don't have the answer to a civics test “Who was the second President or 1st VP of the United States”. They can't tell you the difference between communism, socialism, totalitarianism, or feudalism. They have never read anything proving socialism and Utopian societies have never worked.

Corporations pay them lip service and sell out to their causes. Politicians cater to them for votes and to create chaos during the election count down, especially since this doesn't bode well for Trump.


We are almost certain to go higher this week under normal conditions. But with 125 days until the election, we will see even crazier things happening. Every day closer to the election the market will become more fragile despite all the positives.

If you don't think the media executives and puppeteers of the world are not at least partially and intentionally behind the chaos, you just are not paying attention – or you believe this is all just one giant coincidence it is happening now (and will stop by December).

I am still standing by my prediction (made December 31, 2019) that we will be positive for the year and making new all-time highs by the end of the year. I maintained this stance even when the SPX was down -35% for the year.

S&P 500 Price Limits

From 8:30 a.m. to 2:25 p.m. CST, there are successive price limits corresponding to 7%, 13%, and 20% declines below the previous trading day’s reference price.

From 2:25 p.m. until the 3:00 p.m. CST close of the cash equity market, only the 20% price limit will be applicable.

Average year with lots of intermittent volatility
(-5.5% so far)

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