Walking with ease and sitting comfortably is normal, though many people aging are having some difficulty.


See, a back which isn't as agile as it used to be can have effects on the legs so that we can't even run anymore.


To move freely, the thighs need to be able to rotate easily.


So if we let things go untended, the brain will keep old programs in place.




In my former stuck places, whether I did nothing (well that actually got worse) or doing the "right things", I wasn't gaining the ground back to freedom.


What Could Be Going On


Maybe it had to do with the fact I wasn't changing the program at the level of the brain's cortex where new programming takes place.


If we keep doing the same things, no new program can affect the change we desire.

The same old brain programming remains.


See, I used to stretch a lot.

Stretching didn't help me move better (or take away my pains & stiffness) -- what was needed was an update to the function of the movement system.


The gateway to the update is the brain's motor cortex


Freeing Movements for the Hips, Back, Legs, Knees and Connection to the Neck


- where you'll get to update the hips, thighs, waist, abdomen, back, hamstrings, and TFL's so you'll coordinate more effortlessly.



The TFL's or IT bands are those areas on the sides of your legs from hip to knee.


So you’ve got a couple of options:


1.You feel flexible and comfortable and know what to do to walk easily, sit comfortably and can run with abandon.




2. Come join us as we explore how different movements can unlock places you might not have checked otherwise.


Plus, you’ll get to play with the hamstrings, which have often been a nuisance for the back and spine.


You’ll learn more differentiated ways which can even help you:


start feeling more flexible,

- comfortable and

- in control.




So please hop on board with us TODAY because the price will be JUST a little higher after the sale.




Move Well,




P.S. The 20% discount sale ends Monday at midnight Pacific Time Zone.  So please save while you can.


Save here:  Class 80 Movements for the hips, thighs, inner legs, outer legs, hamstrings, waist, back, and connection to the neck.



Hanna Somatic Educator, H.S.E.

Holistic Health Advisor, H.H.A. 


Author The 1 Thing to Do & Move Like an Animal


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