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Prepared by and Scott
Writing under the nom de plume of J.L. LORD

Friday | January 3, 2020

Hello Mayumi.



YESTERDAY: January 2


The market took off to the upside, pulled back, and ran again. Most of the run higher could have been captured in the last hour.


The market opened with the SPX hitting 3250 and stalling. From there, we fell to within $4.75 of the unchanged line and sat there.


Most of the day the market sat 5 to $10 higher as measured in the SPX. Names that people expected to be sold once the new year allowed for capital gains to be pushed back to 2021 season, actually went higher. AAPL, AMD, etc all did well despite expected to fall. This surprised people.


At the close of the day the market ran with the SPX closing up 0.84% and the Dow up 330 points. What a start!




After the close, the Minis started to fall. Iran's top military commander, Suleimani, was unable to defend himself from an attack by a Tomahawk missile to the head. Had this Iranian terrorist not been in Baghdad at the same time our Embassy was attacked, maybe he could have avoided death. Do you catch that? This terrorist general from Iran was in Iraq during the embassy attack, and was turned back by kurds.

Everyone remembers the Embassy in Benghazi, Libya being attacked and some of our best soldiers giving their lives to protect Ambassador Stevens. The special forces troops asked for help, but Hillary denied the help, and blamed it on people rioting over a movie. That whole incident didn't help Hillary's campaign as people remembered her screaming “What difference does it make?” Ask Ambassador Chris Stevens, Sean Smith, Glen Dohery and Tryone Woods what difference does it make?

When our Embassy in Baghdad was attacked earlier in the week, Trump sent in helicopter gun ships and 100 soldiers for support. When an American contractor was killed earlier this week by a rocket attack, President Trump said he would take immediate action – and he did.

Make no mistake, this was the right thing to do. Had Obama ordered this attack he would be hailed as a hero; however, the “impeachment squad” is criticizing President Trump right now. Instead of praising the genius and bravery of our military, the news is reporting politicians pushing the narrative of how Trump opened a can of worms.


Then again...who cares what she thinks? What, maybe 5% of the population listens to these nuts? If Trump walked on water, Pelosi would be screaming “See, I told you that he can't swim”. I'm thinking it is jealously. After 35 years in politics, the people have not figured out how to be interesting to the public, and have to promise free stuff instead. If Trump cured cancer, Schiff would use this as evidence for impeachment that Trump is attacking the medical profession – especially oncologists who rely on the income.

This is a good thing. Iran has NOTHING. What are they going to do, fire rockets into Israel and be attacked by Israel? They can block the Straight of Hormuz, but that will be open in hours with Iranian ships making a new artificial reef.


BOTTOM LINE: This Suleimani has killed at least 600 Americans and tried to take over our Embassy earlier in the week. As the JOKER (Jack Nicholson) said in the 1989 Batman:

"OK, so you are a vicious bastard, Rotelli and.... I'm glad that you're dead!" ―Joker to Rotelli's charred corpse.

BOTTOM LINE TWO: Whether you like or hate Trump, it doesn't matter. You don't have to believe any politician. Is this A-hole's death a good thing or bad thing? Ask the men in the military, and they will tell you the truth. It is a good thing.


TODAY: January 3

After General Suleimani was killed, the Minis sank a little. Minis were up +$3 and sank to unchanged. About 30 minutes later, they were down -$2. Then they were down -$5. From there the selling picked up speed as Crude Oil Futures started to climb. After Iran acknowledged Suleimaini is now canned Salami, they made threats, sending oil higher and futures to net -$27.

In short...this is BS. There is no reason why this should hit the markets 1%. Granted the markets are overbought and without fear, and this is the first fear to pop up. This market was going to pull back on something after 13/15 days higher. If this market was not so overbought, I would think the -27 in Minis was a gift to get long.


With the markets now realizing once again that we have unknown reasons for markets to fall, and we will have the politicians all day trying to scare us how dangerous Trump is, this may not be the best buying opportunity after all. It is hard to say under these conditions, especially given this is January – an unstable and moody month.

2020 ONE-YEAR PREDICTION: Average year with lots of intermittent volatility (+.84% so far)

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