Three Vital Planes of Movement


When you're aligned.


The center of your ankle is underneath the center of your knee.


The center of the knee is underneath the center of the hip socket. The shoulders are level.


No one is standard issue. We all have a difference in the breadth or width of our bones.


So the concept of alignment is that -- a concept of looking at a human from the outside.


What Counts


It's about how you experience yourself in the ever present field of gravity.


Aligned. You're more likely to experience a good flow of feelings.


The Planes


The transverse plane (as seen above) is where you twist or rotate around your self.



The sagittal plane is where we look at a north to south orientation. 


This plane of movement happens in walking.  The arms and legs move forwards and backwards.


The final plane is the frontal plane.




This is the Vital Plane when it comes to restoring alignment.


This is where regular exercise can fail people. 

You see, if you don't correct the frontal plane (think jumping jacks)  first.


It can be more difficult to restore alignment.


Corrective Help


Movements done in the frontal plane can help compensations such as:


- A shoulder rotating forwards of the plumb line (sitting slouched).

- A hip turned forwards or backwards of the line.

- Or when the weight of the feet does not feel evenly balanced when standing.

Plus, people who tend to cross their arms or legs both as a go-to habit can free themselves.


Un Yank It


The shoulder joints & hip joints can get yanked over time, so certain moves will help un-yank them.


Revitalize this crucial plane of movement: 


If you experience:


- Chest or Shoulder Tightness

- Inner or Outer Leg Tension


Then a freer frontal plane of movement helps ease the struggleStiffness, tension and pain can leave.


Of course, our approach makes sure you link things together.




This way you can get a better feel or sense of yourself from the inside out.


To feel or sense your internal connections or lack thereof. Is of essential importance in restoring and maintaining your feelings of well-being. 


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