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Prepared by and Scott
Writing under the nom de plume of J.L. LORD

Thursday | November 5, 2020

Hello Eizell.



YESTERDAY: November 4

SPX 3443.44 74.42

I was so looking forward to the election being over. A 3am, I went to bed when Pennsylvania and other states stopped counting, 6 states in all. When I went to sleep, Trump was sitting with statistically a 72% chance of winning. But the closing of counting gave trucks time to dump more ballots (allegedly) and when I woke Biden, had a 74% chance of winning.

I have had a lot of statistics classes in college, but do not claim to be a professor of statistics. That was a lot of years and Jack Daniels ago. Yet, I know this is not possible without a very good explanation. We can start with “magic”.

Look...if I ran for a dog catcher, I am not sure everyone in my family would vote for me, let alone everyone in the entire town.


What else needs explanation is the huge amounts of alleged fraud occurring. One truck load of ballots did not have a single Trump vote in it. The odds of this occurring need scientific notation, or a simple explanation. Some cities have significantly more ballots cast than people. Given the average IQ of people who blindly believe the media, I would say this is possible. Many may rely on their dog to fill out all paper work and balancing their checking book while they relax to the KARDASHIANS. – Why not let Fido vote too? Instead of suffrage, we will call it RUFF-rage.

Look, if the sum total of Americans voted for Charlie Manson, we have to accept it – and maybe address the substandard education system while we are at it. But I did not go to public schools long enough (1 year) to believe the math being force-fed me, even with the honey coating the media is drizzling.

So you can imagine that this raised the suspicions of the Trump team who immediately started to file off lawsuits, and rightly so. Regardless of who this happens to (Trump of Biden), it is a likely crime. Even if we Americans loath the winner of an election, we are the ones who collectively put him/her there.

When that process is screwed with, we no longer have a country. And we are already on the way there with a handful of self-important megalomaniacs controlling and filtering to their whims the flow of information.

NO ONE can deny with a straight face that anything good about Trump or bad about Biden made it on the internet for more than 10 minutes before being yanked by Twitter, Facebook, Google, or You Tube. If your favorite candidate is censored you are outraged – be it Biden or Trump.

So while this was the most rigged media election in history, it appears the votes may be rigged too. Comrade Stalin may be smiling now. There was (so far) enough evidence to suggest the Supreme Court look at these things that the whole election is in pause.

Yet, the market seems to like the thought of NO PRESIDENT better than Trump or Biden, though it doesn't work that way. The SPX shot up 36 points on the open, and then turned on the nitrous oxide, until the net change was +117 (not a typo).

We spent a good chunk of the day with our hands akimbo as the SPX vacillated between +99 and +117. On the close, profit takes came out. The realization that the market was higher on the year by almost 8% with this mess going on was too tempting to not sell into.

On the close, the SPX fell to 3443.44, which was a net change of +74.42, or 2.2%.


TODAY – IT IS FU#&ED UP, and Market up.

Remember... remember the 5th of November.

We will probably test yesterday's highs of SPX 3486.25, and the next step is 3,500. Why not. We survived the virus. We survived Twitter. We survived the “great toilet paper shortage of 2020”. We can run higher while a constitutional crisis and possible crime are going on.

People...I would be angry about this happening regardless of who the candidate is. My opinion means nothing, but when the most sacred of all American events is messed with, EVERYONE should be pissed because it can happen to “your guy” too. Maybe nothing is going on, but the crap the media is selling doesn't add up. Try a better lie please.

I am still standing by my prediction (made December 31, 2019) that we will be positive for the year and making new all-time highs by the end of the year. I maintained this stance even when the SPX was down -36% for the year (this has been here since January 1).

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