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We all know the infamous line in The Shawshank Redemption: Get Busy Living, Or Get Busy Dying!

If you know someone who has experienced a big setback, a misfortune that they seemingly shouldn't be able to bounce back from, then you know why that line is important. But, what about the everyday person (you?) who is just trying to find his/her own positive path to achievements ("get busy living"), instead of just going through life aimlessly ("get buys dying")? I say, let's strive for the former together, as a team.

In this Issue:

  • Snake Oil
  • Recessions Happen
  • Index Fund Bubble

♦ Our Forex VPS ♦

  • Hottest Tech
  • BTC vs. Gold
  • Quote of the Week

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Via the power of my digital screen, there's a wise, ol' timer from New York who I occasionally check in on. Harry, like me (Barry), likes to pass on raw-reminders to his readers. He gives his views on what I asked here: "If you’re in the mix of receiving near-daily pitches and promises of pleasure and profits — whether it’s lotions and potions… or… direct sales deals… or… money-growing programs that seem too good to be true, how’s a busy cracker like you supposed to filter through it all?"

+ Well, me thinks the answer is in his 2-part punchline: "1) Your best investment is your own business. 2) There are honest people out there who have major skin in the investment they’re pitching and will let you in for a logical reason — like they want to grow their business faster." Yes, Harry, without a doubt, Amen!


Despite what your local barber might be yammering on about, I don't buy into any 'A Recession Is Coming' chatter. Between the 2017 massive deregulation put into play and the 2018 corporate tax cuts, the U.S. is truckin' along quite nicely. We're at consistent positive GDP growth. And, a recession is defined as 2 quarters in a row of negative GDP.

+ Even if the reported positive numbers reek of deception, Tim Denning wants you to know that "Recessions are a normal part of market cycles. They are designed to take all the complacency, optimism and cockiness you have acquired over a given decade of life, and bring you back down to a healthy level of reality." Yes, you can thrive if and when one does come. We've been preaching that for years.


Michael Burry, the hero of The Big Short, says there's beginning to be a worrisome "bubble" in passive investing. Here he talks about liquidity-risk in the most popular index funds. And, here, I simply talk about desiring more control over my own choices as a speculator and active investor.

+ I don't discount select passive-investment vehicles. After all, some of the IVs we endorse use them. It's just that when the Fed is sucking liquidity out of the system, I feel you should spend more time researching what equities Wall-Street insiders are buying (either for themselves, or their big-money clients). Good news: this week, via a screencast, I'll be showing paid-up M4 Insider (M4i) members how to do just that.

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♦ Our Forex VPS ♦

From our discerning, Forex-trading enthusiasts, we get this question a lot: What Forex VPS do you use? Well, fret no more, here's the answer:

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The list linked below is exciting for me to scan through. It shows vision and change-making innovation in action. It's not a how-to post, or any such short-cut to opportunity. Yet, it will give you insight into new tech trends and what the marketplace is willing to pay for. "As we enter the latter half of 2019, we’ve used Crunchbase data to carefully curate the top 50 tech companies in the world."

+ And for some data that syncs-up with the above, Tom Tunguz explains why these hot spaces have grown like weeds since 2010: Fintech, Blockchain, Food and Beverage and Artificial Intelligence.

BTC vs Gold

There's an infographic published by JM Bullion (eh, here, if your eyes wish) that attempts to give a visual snapshot of the similarities and differences of between Gold and Bitcoin. And, it ends how so many 'gold is cash' (it's not) proponents end their hopeful pitches: That it will soon rebound. Great; but while you're waiting for that distant-future event, what shall you do to accumulate wealth?

+ While you're thinking about that, also think about this: In the age of FinTech and cryptocurrency, what can you do to hold your digital-wealth in close to 50 different global currencies through one international bank? Well, this week I'll be telling paid-up M4 Insider (M4i) members how to exchange their fiat 1s and 0's to other fiat 1's and 0's and/or between crypto (and back 'n forth). It's the ultimate borderless banking strategy... and already being used by over 5 million folks around the world.

Quote of The Week:

“True humility is not thinking less of yourself; it is thinking of yourself less.” – C. S. Lewis

Until next Monday...

Your Partner In The Quest For
Living a Life Without Limits,

- Barry Goss
Managing Editor, Money Monday

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