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Knowing your reality acuity

Dear friends,


Everything that is real, was imagined first. --the Velveteen Rabbit


My intention for this year is: be real. This already has me thinking about how I am relating to reality and what stops me from being real. How often do my judgments, biases, and assumptions cloud the lens through which I view the world around me? When am simply overlaying reality with pictures from my past and creating a distorted view of what is relevant for this world, today? And the bigger thought: How can I know the answers to these questions?


I'm going to start by defining what I am calling reality acuity--the ability to navigate reality like a rock starAs my gift to you this month, I am including my expanded definition, along with the symptoms that indicate a poor reality acuity; a signal, letting us know we can use some healing and support. As you explore your reality acuity, I encourage you to do so with compassion and an open heart.


I don't know how my intention to be real will manifest this year, so I expect some growth opportunities are coming my way--yikes! For now, let's say YES to being true to ourselves and living life wholeheartedly! 


This is my gift for you this month. Enjoy: 



With love,




P.S. with love. This world is hurting and our kindness matters. Let's be generous with our compassion and serve from our abundance.


Happy New Year reminder: our 2020 seminar calendar is set

2020 seminar calendar PDFYou know that feeling of excitement and wonder that happens when you start unwrapping a gift? Well, we got that same feeling as we put this year's seminar calendar in place. With seminars in Portland and Medford, we look forward to creating more opportunities to nourish your life with the experiential and transformational learning that Wings uniquely offers. Special for 2020 is the March launch of a new seminarEquity and Agility. It applies the depth of Wings' heart-centered, awareness approach to equality to create this powerful equity and agility training.


Taking time out of a busy life to do something for yourself can take courage and planning. We're here to assist in any way we can as an advocate for you. Click here to see the complete listing of seminars, dates, locations, and tuition. We're also here to talk about seminar details and help you plan, so give us a call at 541-683-8540.


Listening Heart with Brenda and Steve Johnson Feb. 13-16
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Listening Heart with Brenda and Steve JohnsonWhether you are building a new relationship, have been together for decades,or are anywhere in between, the Listening Heart seminar has a treat in store for you! We call it "living in love." When love becomes a choice you make moment to moment, day to day, you experience not just falling in love but living in love. In Listening Heart, you learn the skills, perspectives, attitudes, and understanding that support your consistent choice to love and be loved. This session has a bonus treat in store. Husband and wife duo Steve and Brenda Johnson will be facilitating. Sign up now to enjoy this unique opportunity to join Brenda and Steve for a "working honeymoon" Feb. 13-16 and experience Valentine's day with the vast, delicious, mysterious, hilarious, and even practical elements of living in love every day.    
From the seminar room: Tyler Scott, core series and more
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Tyler Scott - from the seminar room

Periodically we'll ask seminar graduates to tell us about their experiences in the seminar room. Southern Oregon resident Tyler Scott shares about his journey through the core series and Authentic Leader: 


"I had almost no intrinsic desire to attend my first Wings seminar. I was asked to go by my boss's boss and thus it was my deep need for external validation and institutional recognition that supplied the impetus to attend WellBeing nearly five years ago.


"It was there, in that room full of strangers--during four incredibly bizarre, enlightening, awkward, revealing, exhausting, and empowering days--that the first dominos fell in what would ultimately lead to a profound change in the way I view myself and my place in the world."


Click here to read more from Tyler. 



Travel with Wings to Bali Sept. 5-21

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Bali trip 2020

Your journey begins the moment you say yes.


Reserve your spot now for a Wings travel experience with Program Director Sherrie Frank. Imagine 16 days away--time and space to explore the transcendent beauty of Bali and connect to your own deep wisdom. Enjoy experiences to nurture your spirit, like daily offerings of gentle, heart-centered yoga and meditation, swimming under waterfalls, rituals in ancient temples, and hiking through lush surroundings. You'll also have opportunities to shop the crafts and art of Bali and serve local nonprofits to share in the good work they're doing. Visit SpritualBaliTours.com or email Sherrie@wings-seminars.com for more information and to reserve your place among this group of adventurers and seekers. 



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  Addrienne Adam
Photo courtesy of  Adrienne Adam


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