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Ever heard of a Napuccino? Admittedly, the pure vibe of the word sounds seductively-relaxing.

And, I suppose when you mix coffee (good coffee) and a nap, it could be. According to long-time Direct sales guru, Art Jonak, he drinks 150-200mg of caffeine right before a 20 minute nap... and it supercharges his afternoon. He says:

"It takes the caffeine about 20 minutes to get into the bloodstream and 45 until completely absorbed — the stimulation of the caffeine will take effect just as you wake up." [more from]

In this Issue:

  • Finish Rich
  • The Ultimate Goal
  • Stash of Cash

♦ AMA Call ♦

  • Wall of Worry
  • Why Crypto
  • Quote of The Week

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"The real way that people get rich is by spending way less than they earn, and this can only be accomplished by controlling the large fixed costs like your rent/mortgage and car payments. I’m all for finding ways to save more money, but if you can’t control the big costs, the small ones won’t matter."

+ That's an excerpt from a short thought by certified financial advisor Michael Matnick. It's great advice. So much so, that I expand on it significantly in Idea #5 of my series 18 Ideas & Tools for More Money in 2018. In Idea #5, I give expanded commentary on how to take off your geo-blinders and drop your living costs. I also include 7 meaty resources to make it so. Knowing is one thing. Doing is quite another. My resources will help on the latter note.


"We’re not going to deny that a lot of our clients enjoy themselves when they create the life of their dreams. They might spend weekdays playing their favorite sports or go on vacations to exotic locations." That's attorney, wealth-strategist, patent holder (and M4 brain-trust member) Tanisha Souza setting the stage for why building wealth is so critical. She continues...

+ "However, there’s one thing that nearly all of them have in common: they’ve found that the real goal of wealth creation isn’t to buy all kinds of gimmicky items and expensive cars. That’s fun for a while, but it gets old. Instead, they’ve discovered the real secret…"


"Conventional wisdom says you should have an emergency stash of cash that you can survive on for up to six months. Most people take this piece of advice and believe that’s the most they should be saving up when in reality, this is more of a baseline for you to startwith. The amount you need depends entirely on your personal circumstances, and once you hit a goal that works for you, don’t stop there! "

+ Keri Danielski (here) is spot-on with that. And, we are such sticklers about doing whatever you can to save, save, save BEFORE you speculate and invest... we talk about using technology all the time to automate the process. Here's a 6-minute screencast about one of our favorite tools to fool yourself into moving $ from one place to another.

♦ Ask Me Anything (AMA) Call ♦

This is a screeenshot from one of Brad's recent commission statements (with private info blurred out for obvious reasons):

When you jump on this Thursday's AMA "Live" Call, you can ask him anything about getting paid an ongoing 20% commission on EVERY single order his customers place for life… all without him (or you, if you join him) having to lift a finger. Sign-up details here....

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"This record-breaking bull market is nearly 10 years old. Many investors think it can’t go on much longer.Some have bailed on stocks entirely. Unfortunately, those are the ones who will likely regret missing out on the biggest gains. Because in the last major bull market…the NASDAQ tripled over the course of the final 18 months. And it’s happened dozens of times… again and again in markets around the globe. If history repeats we’ll soon see the DOW shatter records – soaring past 40,000… 50,000, even higher in the months ahead."

+ That was Dr. Steve Sjuggerud speaking. He's the Editor of True Wealth. A newsletter advisory I can't recommend enough. It's only $49/year. And, at the risk of sounding like a carnival barker, you're doing yourself no favors without having access to it. I read every issue myself. Give it a shot. You'll get a lot from it.


"Perhaps the most compelling argument for bitcoin is the completely apolitical and predictable monetary policy it operates within. Bitcoin cannot be used for quantitative easing, for example. You can’t just print more of it when the whim takes you. If bitcoin’s continued growth deprives central banks of the ability to finance catastrophic wars by printing money, or if it prevents even one more tragic incidence of hyperinflation, the energy consumption required to mine it will be the best bargain humanity ever got."

+ That's Adam Sharp (here) following up on the heels of his colleague Vin Narayanan from last week (here). All in all, when you read both those articles, you should have a better understanding of why I have consolidated 80% of my crypto holdings into the game-changing cryto-tool I mention at the bottom of the 2nd link above.

Quote [in this case, "Guidance"] of The Week:

Questions before sleep: 1) What did I learn today? 2) What positive thing happened to me today? 3) Whom did I help today? 4) What did I do today that moved me toward me goal(s)? - Unknown

Until next Monday...

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