10 Qualities and Behaviors of Self-Trust

Dear friends,


For years I walked through the world looking for safe people that I could trust. It took me quite a few years, and losses, to learn that trust was not about them; it was, and had always been, about me. I was the one deciding who to trust, after all. 


I've come to believe the trust I give to others is based in how trustworthy I am with myself. Do I have clear boundaries? Do I trust my intuition and wisdom? Is my resilience strong enough to support a loss or failure? 


When I began to trust myself and act on it, my life opened up. I chose to let down my guard and go toward what I loved; I met people with my heart wide open. I began taking risks to create the life I wanted by putting faith in myself, and my abilities to make it so. Yes. 


Over the years, I've learned that healthy self-trust is based in awareness and resilience. Today, I devoted some time for reflection and created a list of what I think are the 10 Qualities and Behaviors of Self-Trust. I am sharing that list as my gift for you this month. I hope a spark lights within as you explore your own level of self-trust, and I hope you feel empowered to exercise it often, as if you are strengthening a muscle. 


Today, let's trust ourselves with our hearts wide open. We've got this! 



This is my gift for you this month. Enjoy: 







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Become a Wings InternThe internship program is a commitment to your own leadership and personal development while offering the profound gift of service and support to Wings and the people we serve. You are eligible to apply if you are a graduate of our LifeWorks seminar, or will be as of June 1 this year. If you are considering joining our 2020/21 intern program then your next step is to attend the mandatory program information night in person or by video.


Intern Information Night Registration Info:

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From the seminar room: Barbara Broadbent, CrossOver
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Picture chosen by Barbara Broadbent For this ongoing series, we ask graduates to share their experiences from the seminar room and beyond. Newly established southern Oregon resident Barbara Broadbent shares about her recent experience in CrossOver:
"I did my WellBeing seminar in December 2019 and knew within the first few days of being there that I wanted to pursue this work further. I signed up for CrossOver almost immediately after. Two months later, now living in a different city and one new to me, I walked into the first day of CrossOver. Perhaps because I had recently done WellBeing, it just felt more grounded from the very beginning. Something intimately magical happens when a space is created that is so safe and so welcoming that it calls forth a tender courage. It creates a special bond with others. That is what I experienced during CrossOver. No back stories, just the powerful experience of living in the present moment framed with love and acceptance."
Equity and Agility - our newest seminar
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Equity and Agility - our newest seminar

Biases are patterns in the way we all take in information and interact with people we perceive as similar or different. New in 2020, Equity and Agility is an opportunity to bring awareness to these conscious or unconscious patterns in positive and transforming ways that acknowledge differences while creating connection rather than separation. Over two and a half days, participants actively engage in individual and group experiences that are structured and facilitated to elicit self-reflection, awareness, discussion, and personal accountability as well as inspire action in their lives. This seminar will be held twice this year in Medford. Registration is now open for both sessions. Register here for March 20-22. Register here for Sept. 25-27. 


Read more about this new seminar as co-facilitator Meg Mitchell answers the question, "Why this seminar and why now?" 




Our teen seminars are set: True Colors and Advanced True Colors


True Colors July 21-26If you have a teen, or know someone who does, then read on:


True Colors was named by the teens themselves, because the seminar freed them to discover who they really were, to show their "true colors." In this 5 1/2 day residential program, held in the natural beauty of the Lost Valley Education and Events Center, teens 14 to 18 discover inner resources they never knew they had and learn to apply these resources to making choices now, even in the face of peer pressure, to create the future they truly want. Facilitators and staff hold each teen to be lovable, capable, and whole, fully equipped to achieve the high standards and expectations of the True Colors seminar. Register your teen now for True Colors July 21-26 or Advanced True Colors Aug. 11-16 (prerequisite: True Colors). Have questions? We are here to talk. Call us at 541-683-8540.



Spring scholarship applications are now being accepted
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Scholarship formThanks to the generosity of our donors, we have the joy of offering scholarships each spring and fall to help offset the cost of our seminars to those who face financial challenges in covering tuition fees. Scholarships are awarded based on a sliding scale and the total dollar amount available to award. If you would like to be considered for one of our spring scholarships, please complete the form online. The deadline to apply is March 31.


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