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  • How to Plan a Healthy Vegetarian Diet
  • Are You a Part of the Clean Plate Club?
  • Asian Chicken Salad Bowls Recipe

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How to Plan a Healthy Vegetarian Diet

teens and body image

3 Registered Dietitian Tips to Healthy Vegetarian Meal Planning

The team of dietitians at our practice often see clients who are either considering switching to a vegetarian diet or are currently vegetarian and having difficulty obtaining all the nutrients needed for good health. Here are three practical considerations when planning a healthy vegetarian diet.

Are You a Part of the Clean Plate Club?

low FODMAP diet - IBS

By Registered Dietitian Kate Chury on our team specializing in weight concerns, disordered eating, family meal planning and digestive health.

Are you a part of the ‘clean plate club’? Were you ever forced (or encouraged) to eat all that is on your plate? Or perhaps you’re on the other side of the table encouraging loved ones to always clean their plates?

While often well meaning, being encouraged or encouraging others to eat all that is on their plate creates a big problem – it causes one to distrust and ignore their internal hunger cues.

Asian Chicken Salad Bowls Recipe


Try This Tasty Family Friendly Recipe!

This healthy recipe works great for families as you can place the ingredients in separate bowls and allow each family member to select their favorite ingredients.

We specialize in the achievement of health without guilt or complexity. Since 2000, our Calgary nutritionists have offered nutrition counselling, professional speaking, educational resources, media expertise as well as food and grocery industry consulting. We also offer a one of a kind online nutrition course "The Pursuit of Healthiness" for individuals and employees looking to achieve better health, energy and move towards your personal best weight (still enjoying foods you love).

We stand for balanced living and no unnecessary food restrictions. You can count on us for healthy eating advice that always saves room for your favorites.

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