Listen to two powerhouse interviews with Dr. Joe from some of the big names in the consciousness awareness field.
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Dr. Joe's Newsletter: March 23rd, 2019

Change the Field, Change Matter: Part ll


Change the Field, Change Matter: Part ll 

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.…To The Inverse of Materialism


If you took your attention off of your body, your life, your identity, the thing things you own, the people you know, the places you go, and the concept of time, the only thing you’d be left with is pure consciousness. That means you’d be disinvesting your attention and energy out of this 3D reality and placing it on this immaterial realm called the quantum field—a place in which only energy, light, and information exists as frequency. And if where you place your attention is where you place your energy, and if you place all of your attention on this invisible field of energy that can’t be experienced with your senses—only with your awareness (or consciousness)—then you would be investing your attention and energy into the field. This is the realm that gives birth to matter. But how does matter take form?: read article






Becoming Supernatural: Now available in Trade Paperback

Order now and receive Dr. Joe Dispenza’s bonus lecture “Introduction to Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself”.


Order now and receive Dr. Joe's bonus lecture

“Introduction to Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself”.


                      Order now and receive Dr. Joe Dispenza’s bonus lecture “Introduction to Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself”.








How to Become Your Future Self

The Goop Podcast: How to Become Your Future Self


“Nobody changes until they change their energy—and when you change your energy, you change your life,” - Dr. Joe


Here is the podcast from Dr. Joe's visit to Gwyneth Paltrow's natural health company Goop based in Santa Monica, California.


What is Goop?  


"We believe that the little things count, that good food is the foundation of love and wellness, that the mind/body/spirit is inextricably linked, and we have more control over how we express our health than we currently understand." 


This is a wonderful interview with Goop's Chief Content Officer Elise Loehnen: 

Listen Now






Unlock The Unlimited Power of Your Mind Today!

Unlock The Unlimited Power of Your Mind Today!


Back for the 2nd Time!


In Dr. Joe's second interview with Ed Mylett, he discusses how to train your body and your mind to experience success before it even happens!


Find out how to leave your guilt, pain, and anxiety in the past so you can Transform your identity and Change your life!


It's time to release the negative emotions of the past so you can finally reclaim power back over your life. It’s time to stop looking for success and start being success.


Become more fulfilled, more empowered, fill yourself with self-love and manifest the exact things you are seeking: watch the full interview







The Quantum Flip: It's Time to Change Everything

Dr. Sue Morter: The Energy Codes


Seamlessly blending Quantum Science, Energy Medicine and ancient Eastern practices into a user-friendly and highly effective step-by-step system. 


A clinical physician for more than 30 years, Dr. Sue Morter describes having had a profound mystical experience during a meditation that caused her to question the very nature of her world.  Dr. Morter describes accessing an energy field – a level of consciousness – beyond anything she’d ever imagined.


From that point, she turned her life into a living laboratory. She sought to discover the exact practices and principles that had allowed her access to that heightened state and has now documented her findings in her latest book entitled The Energy Codes.  


The Energy Codes: Dr. Sue MorterIn this video, Dr. Morter explains how we've been taught to believe life is lived in a linear fashion, when in fact,  Quantum Physics shows us everything can change in an instant. We have the power to create anything we choose. It's simply a matter of building the right energetic circuitry in your system: watch video


Dr. Morter discusses this and many other very profound personal insights into the nature of reality in her book The Energy Codes. 


To purchase your copy of the book please: click here








From our students from around the world:

Nayali's Testimonial   Tom's Testimonial
Nayali's Testimonial   Tom's Testimonial
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