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"Christmas is a necessity. There has to be at least one day of the year to remind us that we’re here for something else besides ourselves."
~ Eric Sevareid

Even though I round-up & preface these links each week because I thoroughly enjoy it, I still wouldn't want to do it without your eyes, without knowing you, Barry, are here by my side.

I always enjoy hearing our subscribers success stories and feedback. Thank you for being part of the M4 family and a very Merry Christmas!

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  • $1B Dollar Whale
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"Your MM newsletter is a great service you provide, where I thoroughly enjoy the curated content, and how you write about it. Both free and paid content is insightful to me, not only in showing me big picture events but also providing details." - subscriber, Victor C.


There is a book that was published in September of 2018 with this sub-title: The Man who Fooled Wall Street, Hollywood, and The World. Certainly that caught my eye. But, this review-snippet by The New Yorker is what caused me to look further and click the 'Buy now with 1-Click' button on Amazon:

+ "If you like global intrigue, financial crime, wealth, and absurdity, Billion Dollar Whale, by Tom Wright and Bradley Hope, is for you.... It almost seems made up. Still, anyone who has followed the news out of Malaysia will know that the story is all too real."

+ Of Course, I don't like those things (occurring). But, I do completely understand WHY they DO. We've touched on human frailty and its tie to greed, scams & financial fraud before. But, boy oh boy, this one looks to be a doozy. Here's the summary...


Since I'm on the subject of a book, if you have yet to lay down the foundation of a long-term, easy financial plan; a safe, no-hassle process for off-setting the risk in any speculations you engage in...then, you probably can't go wrong with JL Collin's The Simple Path to Wealth.

+ I admire the intent for writing it. His raison d'etre for the book started with the focus to teach his daughter about money and investing. It has over 550 5-star reviews. You'll learn how to save effectively and put Time to work for you, while holding onto Beta-returns through the highs and lows of the market. Which leads me to my only CAUTION...


We used to be amazed when the masses jump on the fear-ridden mainstream 'market analysts' bandwagon. Now, when investors latch onto narrow narratives and sensationalized stories, while asking "Is this the end?, we just get amused. First, over to Dr. Steve Sjuggerud: "Given the recent market volatility, my answer might surprise you... I'm not worried. Not at all. I still believe the U.S. stock market can soar in 2019. I also hope to prove to you that this isn't a 'dug in' position. I'm not staying bullish just because I'm Mr. Melt Up."

+ But, let's just play an hypothetical for a second: If stocks really are entering a MELT-DOWN, they've got quite a ways to go before they hit rock bottom. Since 1919, the average true bear market (not drawdown) has lasted about 400 days and saw at 38% decline. If we are in one, we're just getting started. For more "market crash" stats as well as how to mentally filter through all the noise, check this out...

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♦ Reliable Income Stream ♦

Here's a 70-second message from our friend and industry colleague, Jeff Bishop (click image):

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"And the opportunities begin to reveal themselves. These opportunities begin small, simple, but then grow, over time, into powerhouses. With that said, let’s talk about one such opportunity that crossed my desk this week… It’s a very simple side-hustle. But I don’t hear many people talking about in the “digital entrepreneur” world…"


(from Mobsters & The Mafia). "Patrick Bet-David has interviewed many different personalities; from undercover Joe Pistone to Mafia Boss Michael Franzese. Regardless of the individual, their story and their status however, there are always Lessons we can learn from those doing it their way or the highway." Here's some good ones...

Quote of The Week:

"What are you doing when nobody is looking?"

~ Mat Fraser
CrossFit's Fittest Man on Earth

Until next Monday...

Your Partner In The Quest For
Living a Life Without Limits,

Barry Goss
Managing Editor, Money Monday

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